A winter walk


It is a myth that the weather is ‘bad’ in the winter and ‘good’ in summer. You can have lovely breezy days in February and dreadful days in August. We went for a walk along the railway line which used to function between Radstock and Frome until Dr Beeching put his microscope on it.

The so called ‘disorder’ of the winter. Dead and dying vegetation but the new will emerge out of the old in a couple of months time.

If you look carefully you can see two sets of tracks with trees growing between them .

The skeleton of an old railway good carriage.

A ploughed field with an inexplicable deep hole in the middle. Maybe a stray bomb from WW2.

To Mells for lunch at the local village store. Two lovely pumpkin/parsnip/garlic soups with bread to die for. £9.