5G public meeting in Bristol – do’s and don’ts

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The development of 5G is such that people in many local areas are waking up to the reality that our DNA will be fried and that there is no escape. I get many indications and invitations to meetings near and far. As is usual, one e-mail in a large bunch jumped out at me and that was a meeting that was due to happen in Bristol in the Broadmead Baptist Church, which is very much more than a church, more a community centre. Google that one for further details.

We set off on what must have been one of the rainiest and windiest nights imaginable. The rain came down in buckets and even the main A37 road had large puddles which caused our bus to skid and swerve. The upside of this was that there wasn’t much traffic so we made the journey between Farrington Gurney and Bristol in about 50 minutes.

Broadmead Baptist Church consists of three floors and our meeting was on the top floor. Upon entry, there was no noticeboard where to go and no one to ask except predictably those who did not know the answer. Françoise and I had to stumble around trying to guess where the right group might be and we eventually found it.

I had my business hat on. When I arrived at the appointed hour there was a large round table obviously use for committee meetings and about 16 chairs. When you organise a public meeting. You never know how many are going to turn up but there  should always be room for late comers. You always get late comers.  The meeting was interrupted on four occasions when someone came into the room causing someone else to come out and find an extra chair and bring it through the door and find a space. If I were chairing the meeting I would find that disturbing but the chair lady made a good job of it.

When there are volunteers, you can’t demand that anyone does something if they fall ill, or are changing their accommodation, or are just too busy or whatever the excuse. You just have to grit your teeth and accept that they haven’t done what they promised to do. Such was the case with the man who tried to have dealings with the Council, in this case Bristol Council. He tried to introduce 5G to the Green party councillor, but attempts to get through after the initial Meeting failed. I could have told him that that would be the case because the greens are not interested in 5G, perhaps because they don’t understand it or they don’t want to understand it.

When relevant points are made I tend to get very animated but I really have to learn to leave the weight of the meeting to the chairperson otherwise I could be seen as disruptive. When I spoke people did listen because they realised that I did have plenty to offer by way of common sense and wisdom on the topic of organisation, meetings, publicity and so on. I try to control myself realising that most people have never met me before and that some people had to learn lessons I learned years ago.

I have agreed to stand in the street and talk to people on the day of the first international protest against 5G which takes place on Saturday the 25th January. We shall meet on College Green at 11 AM on the morning. I warned everybody that you never get things right the first time and the only way of learning is by doing. I asked people to take particular care to remember what people said, learn about the mind of your enemy or should I say your adversary which in this case is ignorance and misinformation.

Our meeting of about 20 souls lasted for two hours between 7 PM and 9 PM and the time flew by very quickly because there was plenty of to-ing and fro-ing, ideas popping up all over the place. Meetings can get tedious when someone goes off at a tangent and gives a virtual life history about something and everyone gets bored, but a firm chairmen should be able to detect this and nip it in the bud.

I meant to say to everyone – but this was the wrong occasion-  to talk about the machinations of politics and politicians. When money and power come in the door, then truth goes out of the window. It is not the politicians who run this country, people who come and go, but the permanent civil servants in which there is a coterie of those who give information at the behest of the powerful shadowy figures who run the country and indeed the world.

Plans for 5G were made decades ago as indeed were the plans for the whole telecommunications industry. The last people to hear about it  never mind to discuss the implications are the general public, the people who are going to be influenced by it, including the carcinogenic effect of microwaves and particularly on children. Incidentally, did you know that the government knew perfectly well that schoolchildren were going to be adversely affected by putting wireless radiation in classrooms but they allowed the idea to go forward anyway.

I learned a lesson and that is to assume that people would be interested in what I’m doing if it’s relevant to the subject matter and give out leaflets accordingly. I should have done that but I know that I created a good impression and will come along to the next occasion better prepared.

We left the meeting at 9:15 PM. I handed my business card to the few people that I thought would be interested in maintaining contact.  I would love to have popped into the local pub for a drink, my normal relaxant after a meeting, but we didn’t have time so we caught the 9:35 PM bus to where we had parked the car. We always sit upstairs in the front, we like the view There were two other people sitting silently reflecting,  hopefully with their dreams intact.

For how long this will remain only God knows – and he ain’t telling.

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