Jordan Peterson, enfant terrible?

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I spend quite a lot of my day watching the videos , which are of a higher and higher quality as more people take the trouble to upload them knowing that they have an intelligent audience. Youtube  routinely removes videos that it considers of fake news of the process of doing this is handed out to workers who do not know what they’re doing and rely on keywords. Frequently their first language is not English. Thank goodness for Brighteon which does not do this ridiculous censorship.

Jordon Peterson has my 100% respect for  speaking up against nonsense for example hate crime etc. I came across a video which I am not necessarily asking you to watch because it is long, but it does show what the group mind, or the mass mind, can do when faced with someone that is confrontational or potentially threatening at some level.

I have chosen to take controversial paths and I’m sure I pay a price for this in that certain people will not entertain me because I know that I want to make them think about topics they would not normally find comfortable. ‘Controversial’ really means challenging to people’s comfort points. This video is a very good example of how two people on a stage can pursue a perfectly reasonable path and yet be attacked.

I do not understand how people can believe that we can live together in a civilized society with such behavior. Oh, by the way, if you don’t want to watch the whole video go to the end, about the last 5 min, and you will see the idiotic perpetrators of the trouble trying to justify themselves – or not. I wonder if arguments in general are rational. I’ve always believed that the most powerful stance is that of neutrality. In other words if you understand both sides you don’t waste energy emoting. You are in a position to take a calm view.

There is no wind in the middle of a hurricane.

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