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Today I went to a private session in Bath presided over by the lady who practices Internal Family Systems which are designed to re-attach and reclaim those parts of the mind and spirit that may have broken away from each other, particularly during our development.

In order for me to work with someone I need to trust them and in this case it was easy to trust her because it was quite clear that the therapist had done work on herself because her aura was peaceful. Her voice was clear. The voice is but an instrument for the inner orchestra of thought if I can attune to this I am enabled to share on a deeper level, even if I do not know somebody at least in the commonplace use of that term.

I don’t mind sharing some of the work we did. I was encouraged to identify any particular age at which trauma or formative experience was identified. In my case I found the ages to be five and 11. I was asked to imagine that young entity standing in my proximity and I was asked how they felt and what their attitude was. I was able to identify certain characteristics, including the feeling of being frozen which I attributed to the need for independence and protection from those other people who might not have understood me at that time.

I was encouraged to have dialogue with my child and try to move forward. I can say that I did not feel understood and felt that this was a form of slow motion torture which I would rather be without and which lingers with me today as does the feeling of being criticized. Hopefully this will work through

I was able to assist the therapist by telling her in which parts of my body her words, were causing a reaction in.  For example, the nerves under my left foot started to react fairly early on in the session, as did the space over my heart and under the rib cage. It is like receiving an electric shock. Over the years, I have learnt to identify and understand the meaning of these various reactions.

I find the same with acupuncture. I notice that when the acupuncturist puts pins in various parts of my body, I can feel pins being put in various other parts of the body even though the acupuncturist has been nowhere near them. The impression  of the phantom needle is strong, almost stronger than the real thing whatever the word ‘real’ means.

I would like to think that astral entities or some higher consciousness are working with the acupuncturist to assist me my goal of becoming balanced.

I was asked what it feels like to be healed and normal. In my case, I don’t feel a separate entity at all and feel instead part of the universe. Someone said ‘hell is confinement in oneself‘. In moments of bliss, I feel I lose about half a stone. When I feel depressed. I feel heavy and when I feel happy I feel light. Funny that. After an hour the session finished.

I’m going back in March. The instruction was to talk to my identified separated entity every day no matter how briefly for a period of 21 days. I had always understood the lunar cycle to be more significance. I decided to do it for 28 days. At the end of the time I shall report back.

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