Fake Skeletons – My Volvo meets is maker

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There was a lovely piece in today’s English ‘I’ newspaper

“fake skeleton in hat used as passenger”

A driver in Arizona has been caught trying to disguise a fake skeleton as a passenger so he could use a high – occupancy vehicle lane. The 62 – year – old was pulled over when an official noticed the skeleton, which was wearing a hat and tied to the passenger seat with yellow rope. The driver was given a penalty ticket.

I just love these little stories that like my day and remind me how ingenious people are in trying to get round the system. I did need my day made happy because I went along to my local garage because there was a suspicious knock coming from the nearside front. For some reason, the garage thought I wanted an MOT. I was given the MOT and my beloved Volvo gloriously failed; the mechanic said that I was wasting my time having repairs and it would better to have a new car. This may have been a blessing in disguise.

However, worse was to come. I was informed that the mechanic, having completed the MOT, automatically put a note through to the vehicle licensing authority. Does that mean that my car is no longer able to be driven? Someone who was with me in reception said that the failure would not come into effect until the other valid MOT had finished which in my case is at the end of March so I may get away with it. Maybe not.

I am a Volvo man. I have been for the past 20 years. I do not intend to change. This will be my fifth example if I buy another one. In my life, I have never paid more than £1250 for a car. I like old cars because they don’t have the electromagnetic soup that the new cars have rather like having a mobile phone on all the time in your vicinity.

I went on eBay and fairly quickly found a car available locally for £1595 with only 91,000 on the clock. That is about my price range but I will try and beat him down a little. The car is within striking distance and much better than the trouble of collecting a car from Wirral, Birmingham, Essex, Scotland etc.  I don’t want to spend the whole day driving somewhere with the risk that the whole venture on inspection would not be viable.  As I write, I sent an e-mail to the seller, who appears to be a dealer, to see what he has to say. He wrote back and it seems is willing to do business.

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