Volvo purchase saga continues

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The seller is a semi-retired car dealer now working part time  for a hobby. It is most important to have a look at a seller’s record on eBay. In his case, 100% of people were satisfied and gave him the highest rating. He has done nothing to dispel this. I had to send £100 deposit to secure the car and if I arrive and find there is something majorly wrong or it is not as described in the ad. I get my money back. He has told me that he always takes  his cars for a drive to tease out any problem that might be there.

Since I’m buying an almost identical car to my own, I don’t think there will be much difficulty. I did not know that the MOT history of any UK registered car can be found easily using this link.  I shall change over the battery because I bought a battery from the RAC one year ago with a five-year guarantee. It cost £120 so I don’t want to lose the value of that.

On this occasion, the universe has certainly assisted me. I remember that when I was told that my Volvo should be consigned to the graveyard in the sky, I wasn’t the remotest bit troubled, even for a second, it was as if I knew it anyway. I think if you keep in the groove, in the zone of your destiny, then nothing will trouble you though I’m not saying you won’t have troubles. I am due to complete purchase of the car  at 10 o’clock on Sunday morning. I must go along the bank and draw some out every day because you can only take a certain amount of cash out of the bank at any one time.

To the seller’s credit, he offered to deliver the car to my house but I thought that would put us under too many obligations so I thanked him and decided that we would make the journey to his base to view and pick up. He told me that we could have as long test drive as we wished  which adds to my confidence. I remember when I saw the car advertised on eBay. It drew me and there was a sort of negation of time and space, a feeling of inevitability, and this was the car waiting for me.

I’m writing this in faith because for all I know the venture will fail, but it does look very positive at the moment and our dowsing found 8/10 for the car and 8/10 for the transparency of the seller. You can’t hope for more than that in this world.

Dowsing is a most useful skill and it has not let us down so far. It’s a type of remote view but then if you understand consciousness, nothing is ‘remote’.

Onward and upward, as they say.

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