Post cramp action – a majestic tree

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a majestic tree in the throes of dying. I think how many birds have sought succor in its branches

This morning I went to the doctor to be tested for the propensity for blood clots. Thankfully, the test was negative.  I enjoy meeting my Doctor. He is always full of beans and positive. He tries to involve me with his decision-making as much as possible. He has given up persuading me to take statins which I will only do if I absolutely have to.

In the afternoon I went for a two-hour session to see my acupuncturist, physiotherapist, masseur, and an amazing number of talents and qualifications contained within one person.  Apart from the post-trauma treatment of my leg, we had a discussion about lifestyle and said it was easy to wear yourself out by worrying about one topic especially if you were unable to have any effect. He suggested more contact with nature and said that he encourages some of his clients to hug trees, listen to them, identify with them. He says that if they are too shy to actually hug the tree they can stand with their back to the tree as I see so often when I go to the celebrations at Chalice Well.

I am a ‘duty’ person and feel I ought to be doing things for other people and making the world a better place but it seldom occurs to me to have time for myself, which if you think about it is not selfish, and will ultimately benefit others if I have a full battery. In addition, he recommended daily walks irrespective of length just to keep the body in tone and the blood circulating. That was good for me to hear because I feel guilty if I’m doing nothing ….but actually I am relaxing.

I have accumulated quite a chest full of medications for various purposes in the last five or so years so I took this opportunity of seeing my acupuncturist take them all along and discuss which ones I needed.  There are three categories, those that I need now for my current condition, those that I might need some future occasion and those that are irrelevant. I’m not very disciplined in the taking of pills.  It was very helpful to create a table and what I should be taking and furthermore why. Most of the pills were redundant.  I can’t bring myself to throw them away because you never know, but at least I know what the priorities are which is some sort of relief.

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