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We are getting the tail end of the amazing storm that has covered the whole of the United Kingdom with equal degrees of ferocity.  No, that’s not quite true – it is Ireland, the North of Scotland and the south coast of England that has taken the brunt of things but many towns in the Yorkshire Dales have taken a battering. We had some hail this morning and the rain absolutely lashed it down but it passes and then there is blue sky. The wind however remains blowing strongly but in gusts.

This morning I suddenly started to feel cold in my limbs and hastily took my temperature to find it was 31°C. Surely not possible.  I then did a blood pressure reading and found it was 202/104 with a pulse rate of 57. This was concerning, and I got myself a hot water bottle for consolation.  I decided to call the doctor in case there was some systemic problem in my heart.  I called him at 12.30 and got an appointment for 3.20p.m. They did an ECG on me, pulse and blood pressure tests but by the time of the appointment the readings had pretty much calmed down to normal.

Doctor Morris said something quite interesting; that worrying about high blood pressure will often produce further worry so it is a revolving door of worry which we both agreed was not very useful. There was no need for any medication so far as he could see, but as the diagnosis had not been completed that was not a final verdict.  The doctor did not understand the reason for my symptoms but said if they re-occur I should go back.  The visit was good for me because I do tend to worry.

It is just one of those things that I come across the ideal replacement Volvo but it is a long distance away.  I have found one for 500 pounds which is in East Dulwich which is where I used to live in London.  The mileage was good, 91,000 – similar to its erstwhile equivalent that I was not able to buy but who knows I may jump on the coach to London and collect it. ……Later – the sale has ended with 10 bids so unless complete magic happens I probably won’t get it especially with one former keeper which is a big plus. The main thing with an older car is that you’re mainly buying the MOT with a car attached.


Next Monday we are leaving for a five day four night visit to Yorkshire.  This is one of the biggest counties in the UK,  having an area of 11,903 km² with a big influence from Scandinavia in its history. I was born in this county many moons ago.

We have three day tours provided; the first one will go to York for the day, the second one to Harrogate and Knaresborough and the third day to Skipton Market and Grassington. I’m sure this will be more than enough but I always like to squeeze in more and I thought of going to Leeds which I haven’t been to for some years but it really does depend on the weather. On reflection we may not go on the Harrogate leg and spend time on our own in Leeds.  We don’t want to be walking round in the pouring rain and at this time of year you can’t tell – so we will leave it open.

Always have a plan B.   I always finish my plans a few days before I leave rather than feverishly seeking out information the night before.  I found that invariably unseen things crop up and you have to deal with them and you don’t want to start your little holiday frazzled.

We leave by car or taxi  from Bath at 10 AM Monday which means we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn, which is a bonus.  We then join another coach at the Gloucester hub and continue on our way to Leeds. Gloucester is frequently flooded at  this time of year so lets hope there are no hold-ups. It’s difficult to know what to pack.  Do we prepare for the wind, the cold, the rain, or everything.  Probably the latter.  Looking at the map we may get better weather than our house-sitter will get here at home.

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