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Storm Dennis has abated and the winds are light and the sky is blue. I like the recent comment on Facebook by ‘Annie Dieu Le Vent’ (must be a made-up name) who said

Lots of fuss about Storm Dennis. Seems pretty small beer, really, for someone who lived in Sevenoaks during the Great Storm of 1987, with the house shaking all night, and then emerging bleary-eyed in the morning to find that half the trees in the town were felled by it, including six of the famous seven oaks on the Vine. You couldn’t get to the shops for huge tree trunks across the roads, there was no telly signal, the phone lines were down, and a massive, thick metal girder was impaled in the garage door that had flown there overnight from a building site across the road, like an arrow from a crossbow.

Wellow is a village of about 500 people fairly high up in the socio-economic scheme of things, one of these very old villages which is within a short commuting distance to Bath and to a somewhat lesser extent to Bristol.

Seedy Sunday  is an annual event which was held today between 1 PM and 4 PM. at the village hall.  People dribbled in in spite of the rainy weather.  It was actually on the back phase of Dennis the storm as by 2:30 PM the winds and rain had ceased.

This is one of these communities where everybody knows everybody else but also welcoming to unfamiliar faces and before we knew it we were chatting to people.  One person who lived nearby at Shoscombe said I should definitely visit the Tuckers Grave Inn, noted for its cider and for its delicious local pies.

I was attracted to the offering of coffee and cakes. At £1 a splice and 50p a drink you cant go far wrong. ALL the cakes were home made. I got no ‘repeating’ AKA vomiting which I do if there are chemicals in the cake.

We met a lady who is an environmental specialist as well as works supervisor connected with the National Trust and we had a lively conversation on climate change.  She was born in Rhodesia and has lived in various other countries before settling here in Wellow and renting. The system allows her to work from home.  Lucky her. We had in common our interest in writing styles and how to engage the audience and hook their interest. A delight to meet her.

I always take notice of noticeboards and I find this wrigglers playgroup quite sweet. There is no doubt, this unpretentious village hall is very well used

a labour of love.

Our visit was cut slightly short because down one end of the room there was a man with a rather large and noisy drill making half inch holes in blocks of wood. Interestingly these holes were being drilled to accommodate pugs of shiitake mushrooms.  I don’t think he was aware of the noise he was making but it may be difficult for me to listen to the conversation of adjacent people but never mind. I had a word with the lady at the door but there was nothing much that she could do and attributed his presence in the room to the fact that it was raining and he could not work outside.


A complete change of subject.  Make of this what you will. The writer has retracted it we think under pressure. Its about the coronavirus crisis.

If you think that is far-fetched, check out ‘Professor Frances Boyle Exposes the Bioweapons Origins of the CoVid-19 Coronavirus’

and another one ‘The World is running out of Time’ by Dr Sircus

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