The river Severn ‘slightly enlarged’

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So off we go on the coach after our four night stay in the Britannia Hotel, Leeds Bradford.  Our trip from Yorkshire to Bath was quite long; we left at 9:25 AM in the morning and arrived at four o’clock in the afternoon at Bath coach station. That is with some statutory breaks on the coach – from the drivers point of view. I know it sounds a long time but it passes quite quickly and we were at a stage when we had a laugh and joke with other passengers.

Most of the time, you can’t even see that there is any flood damage.  The main damage is in the estuaries of rivers where the water backs up and it is a sad sight to behold.  Unfortunately, properties including businesses are not able to be insured for flooding due to the number of incidents.  I heard on the radio this morning a chap who was providing shirts for the six Nations rugby.  He kept his supplies in the basement and during the night the floods came in and wiped out the whole lot.

My dislike of service stations continues with the one glorious exception mentioned above.  The picture above is not fully focused but basically you can buy the latte for a minimum of £3.10.  If you want a little bit more you pay £3.45 and for a slightly larger mug you can pay £3.70  There cannot be more than 20 ml difference or maybe 50 ml but that would only cost pence to produce.

As people left the coach, we said farewell to them and there was quite a bond, albeit temporary, between people who would probably not meet each other again.  We had no disagreements, no unpleasantness, and everyone realised they had to be on their best behaviour if they were to be accepted so if anyone is thinking of going on a coach tour please bear the above points, and those made elsewhere, in mind.


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