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This is the person I referred to a few days ago in my diary, the person who drinks an estimated 40 pints per week. The time is 10 o’clock and the place is Wetherspoon’s. This time they don’t have anyone with them.

This evening I went to my men’s group, this time held in a traditional cottage in Coleford which is somewhat South of Radstock. There was no particular subject for the evening except the leader asking how to spread the word and encourage people to talk about their faith. It is very interesting how little it takes to start a conversation that can last up to 2 hours or longer. Tuning into people takes time and if there are moments of silence it is because people are gearing their minds to a new topic and withdrawing from the cares of the day insofar as they are able.

We feel best way of spreading the gospel is to embody it in us, as a representative of the light of God and listen to people and listen out for them whatever space they are in. We cannot expect anyone to trust us instantly but they need to hear something in our voice that they can trust. Only then will they open up.

Some of the men who speak to people in the street have found that youngsters are more open to hear about religious things. Maybe they are more confused and insecure and are looking for something to believe in.

It was a lovely moonlit night as I drove back from the event. For once there was no rain and the wind had died down but we are in for more rain on Tuesday and Thursday and a touch of snow on Saturday. Will this inclement weather never end?

PS I heard on the news that the campaigner Greta Thunberg is going to be speaking on Friday in Bristol . I would go but they will not allow discussion so more brainwashing and mis-information there will be in spades. See my XRexposed.com site and watch some of the videos.

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