Petty shop theft – what to do?

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Latest Post | 0 comments

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You might be aware that shoplifting costs an estimated £335 million to the UK economy. I don’t do that much shopping in department stores but I was at Lidl today when a woman right in front of me reached over to the little temptation alley, the area by the till where they offer you all sorts of things you forgot you needed, and put it in her pocket.

She had a suspicious smile on her face, more like a smirk, and when I saw her prior to the action I took an instant dislike to her. I was right next to her and I saw the action from beginning to end.  As my readers will be aware, I keep a sharp eye out at all times for anything that happens.  Since I had never seen this sort of thing before I was in a state of mild shock, or disbelief, and before I knew where I was they had moved off and I had moved forward.  The assistant was preoccupied at the till and did not notice.

If this happens again, what would I do? In this unlikely event I would speak to the person in a loud voice and if I got resistance I would get the till operator to call the manager.  I don’t think I would be physically assaulted since there would be many witnesses in the queue but I don’t really see why people should get away with this because we all have to pay for it.  Her appearance, and she was with her husband, showed me quite clearly that she could have paid but she it seemed to think it rather amusing.

I can imagine that most people would have a problem speaking out, but I have no such problems.  I do not like dishonesty in any manner shape or form and I will make my views known in no uncertain terms.

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