Health and Safety (non-thinking lunacy)

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Latest Post | 0 comments

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So my wife works for AgeUK. This morning she asked why water jugs could not be placed on the tables where the elderly clients sit to remind them to drink water. The answer was a no because they might infect each other as they do not wash their hands often enough

Sometimes the clients do not show up at the weekly meetings. Francoise wants to know how they are. She was told that they, Age UK, have to wait six weeks before calling the client to enquire otherwise they could be accused of harassment.

This type of organization is drowning under rules and regulations made by people who have no day to day contact with the client group.


Today I watched a  video about the corona virus. There is a suggestion that it is the combination of a previously given vaccination AND the virus which causes people to drop dead. Check it out.if interested.

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