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A week does not go by without my buying another book.  This is a very small selection of books that I intend to read and in some cases are reading.  Let’s go over these in some detail.

Prayer – Philip Yancey.  It is so easy for prayer to become a shopping list.  Philip looks into why we pray, how we pray , to whom we pray and for what reason.  His main tenet is that God knows what we want before we ask so what is the point of telling him what he already knows or for that matter, bargaining with him.  It seems to me that prayer is for our own benefit, aligning with the forces or should I say lack of force  of the universe of love. Philip says we should treat God as a friend and speak to him accordingly.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Doctor Mark Sircus. It is amazing how effective is very simple and unpatentable chemical this is, a combination of sodium and carbon and yet it has a multitude of uses right from cleaning ordinary materials to rejuvenating and clearing out the body. We tend to forget how the pharmaceutical industry is trying to tell us that every cure requires the ingestion of complicated and expensive medicines when in fact our grandparents managed on very simple substances such as sodium bicarbonate, such as vinegar particularly apple vinegar or cider vinegar, such as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, such as herbal remedies not to mention lifestyles.  We really do need to get back to basics.

EMF*D – Doctor Joseph Mercola.  I read about this yesterday, Saturday, and immediately had to buy it. It arrived, courtesy of Amazon Prime, today.  It is such a relief to read about these dreadful subjects such as 5G, mobile phones, and dirty electricity and the way they impact on our system – but this time it is done with gentleness, compassion and a touch of humour.  It is not straight from the shoulder dystopian material but a candid, straightforward and simple description of what is going on and when and how it started.  People who know nothing about this subject should start with this book. We need to learn how to warn and inform.

Earthing– ‘the most important health discovery ever’, by Stephen Sinatra and Martin sucker. Who would imagine that by simply standing outside for a period of time your body and indeed your mind can be healed and balanced. It is so intriguing to be told the science behind this, and as with the other book I’m reading, how the best remedies are the simplest.  I believe that many of our malaise are caused by lack of respect and understanding of Nature of which we are apart.  Do we not get a clue from ‘acting naturally’.  Natural > nature  get the idea?  Again, it’s a lovely book to read.

The Bible Book – Nick page.  Nick is one of those evangelical Christians with a common touch in other words he can make heavy things explainable particularly the words in the Bible that some people find a bit off putting. He  is more or less saying things like “this is what it says but this is what he really means, or what is really going on”.  I find this book very easy to dip into.  Very few people can make the Bible live as it has done for billions of people in the last 2000 years but Nick Page is one of them.

Falling Upward – Richard Rohr.  I was recommended to buy this book by a monk that I found sitting in a church at an open day for something or other and just being himself.  He, talking to me,  recommended this on the grounds that it was for people in the second half of their life and was suggesting certain differences in attitudes that should pertain for someone of my age.   Every sentence breathes unconditional love, understanding and lack of being too self-critical. In this abrasive world, I find the effect of reading this book is a soothing balm and hence I dip into it from time to time.

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker.  My doctor recommended this to me.  I never really realised how much there is to the topic of sleep, how important it is, what happens when we sleep, why the lack of sleep can cause us so many physical difficulties.  This is particularly useful to me because I tend to wake up at three o’clock in the morning on a regular basis and have some difficulty in getting to sleep again.  I can go to bed at 10 o’clock or 12 o’clock but I still wake at 3 AM. opinions are interspersed with the results of studies so the whole thing is very scientific.

The Fake News factory – David Sedgwick.  This is a brave book to write and could only be written by an ex-BBC employee. It’s subject matter is about what anyone with more than two brain cells should know, the disgraceful bias of the BBC, the manipulation of news, the general disrespect to the public and indeed to truth itself.  I was watching a very good video discussion today about the possible future the BBC and what shape it should take.  It really is worth a watch for any BBC fans here. It is called ‘Too woke to Joke?.

My own problem with reading books is that I get distracted at the time of day, which I suggest is the morning, when the mind is at its freshest and most able to ingest and absorb new ideas.  I do not have any paid employment apart from gardening in season, writing this diary, and maintaining three websites so I should be able to allow between three and four hours per day in order to study.

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