To Leatherhead to relive old times

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A clever and humorous poster seen en route – good example of how to involve people

I wonder how much old friends change.  I suppose we wouldn’t notice because of us both changing, for example getting old physically. In that case we would see the other person in exactly the same light. I normally only speak to the friend that I was meeting by telephone or e-mail and in a way we have telepathic contact which means that a physical meeting is not necessary from the technical point of view but from the spiritual aspect I think a meeting of energy fields is a good idea.

We went off to have lunch at a restaurant (obviously) and once again I found the service very impersonal, casual and I could almost say indifferent. It would be nice if the waitress had showed just a little bit of interest in us, and in our welfare, but on this occasion she had a bored even stony face.  After the main course, the waitress took so long to come for our sweet order that we got up and asked for the bill.  No apology from her,  no “sorry to keep you waiting”, no enquiry about whether we enjoyed the meal.  Throughout, we had to suffer, or I had to suffer, a screaming child which the parent ignored as I’m so often used to seeing. In the end we left and I spotted an ice-cream shop  and scoffed a delightful ice cream in a cornet consisting of strawberry and then vanilla… and so the meal was complete.

We completed our day by being entertained at the Garrick Club in the centre of the West End which is a favourite haunt of writers, artists and actors.  No photography is allowed so you have to look it up on the Internet.  We were told that there is a five-year waiting list, with a total membership of about 1300.  You are elected to join by the confluence of a number of existing members who will sign a book in one place or another depending on how highly you are held in their esteem.  All very traditional and I love it.

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