A challenge for our spirit


I woke up today to hear that as from tomorrow afternoon all schools will be closed.  I look out of the window and see a grey sky and drizzling rain. I have eight days left before my MOT runs out so I’m hoping that the contact I made in Trowbridge will result in a sale.  I’m debating whether to hoard food for our fridges full and the local supermarkets seem to be well enough stocked.


Some of you may know that I have editorial duties with regard to the site called 5G exposed which does just that, drawing attention to the health effects of the forthcoming 5G penetration of the world.  I have just written to everybody on my mailing list to help you get some sort of perspective about the whole thing and I thought you might like to see what I wrote which I feel is relevant to us all in any event.

“I’m writing as a human being who like everyone else is being subjected to the stresses and strains of the you-know-what virus.  I particularly feel for self-employed people and those on zero hours contracts who have got to pay their rent and eat.

A news item that gave me a strange pleasure was reading that dolphins and numerous small fish have returned to the Venice canals.  I expect they couldn’t cope with the noise of the boat engines. Nature takes back its own. 🙂

All around me, meetings are being cancelled, even the coffee morning at  our local church. Our modest high Street, quaint at the best of times, is empty.  The only activity is at Lidl and Sainsbury’s and oh yes the Co-op.

I’ve actually made the decision not to watch the news, particularly BBC News, because I find it makes me more anxious and does more harm in a situation that I can do little about EXCEPT look after myself and those closer to me.  The chances of catching this particular virus are vanishingly small especially if your immune system is doing its job.They close schools even when no pupils have been victims???

An increase in our body temperature is the body’s way of killing the viruses – they do not like warm temperatures.  I wonder why our government is not concentrating on the most needy group, the old people, instead of making people suffer for what they have not caught and in all probability will not suffer from let alone die from.

I have decided to open a new page on my 5G site to help people get some sort of balance to counteract the alarmist and fear-inducing stance that, surprise surprise, the BBC and other organisations are encouraging.  Anyone would think that they want to make us frightened so that we are grateful when they bring in restrictions to our freedom ‘for the greater good’.

I strongly recommend the video (scroll down on the page) by David Icke who has a record of being consistently right about forthcoming events and who speaks mountains of commonsense.

The page is https://www.5gexposed.com/corona-virus-breaking-news/

The 5G site itself continues to be well read but I’m having more difficulty in finding articles since all but virus news is being pushed aside.  However, there are still thousands of relevant 5G articles in the site which as a far as I know is the largest on the Internet, correct me if I’m wrong. PS My policy is to advertise all other relevant sites

My main concern is that people maintain their sanity and to assist I recommend turning to nature.  Nature has an amazing ability to heal which can take the form of grounding or earthing, simply standing outside for half an hour in bare feet and (re)tuning into the earth.

Such events as the virus bring about the worst (aggressive hoarding in supermarkets) but also the best (looking out for other people).I know we’re not supposed to congregate together with other people but we can catch up with old friends on the telephone or Skype.

We now have an opportunity to read books and study matters that we haven’t had much of a chance to before. My dentist said to me yesterday that he would ‘love’ to have some time for himself decorating the house and being a dad ‘if we have to close’.

My feeling  and it is only a feeling is that the so-called virus will peak by the end of April as it has already done in China and in six months time we will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.  Daily-Mail type forecasts are wildly out.

Meanwhile as far as I know, 5G continues to be rolled out by stealth in more and more places. As for ‘climate change’ – funny – it keeps on changing. I wonder when that started.

Keep happy keep positive and eat well.

Brian Snellgrove
10.45 AM GMT Thursday 19th March 2020