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We awoke to a drizzly Saturday morning.  I refuse to watch or listen to the news because I’d had enough of you know what to last me some time.  The morning was very ordinary.  I went along to the allotment to take away all the bits and pieces, rotten wood etc, that can so easily accumulate and make the allotment look messy.  I also went to the butchers and got little bit of this that and the other.  They are local, are not suffering from shortages because all their suppliers are local and they just had to make a few extra phone calls to make sure that all suppliers are in place.

My wife Francoise was good enough to go round our close and ask if everyone was all right. Her original intention was to find the owner of a lost and wind-blown bin cover. She collected phone numbers and names along the way. People were very grateful for her visit. She bought some eggs to a couple who had run out of supplies. At least this event can be used to strengthen community bonds.

I was troubled because I was trying to conclude a purchase of a replacement Volvo.  My pendulum told me a couple of weeks ago that it would be the middle of next week before the situation was sorted.  I eventually got hold of the chap, he is in Trowbridge, and he seems affable enough.  We sorted out the remaining questions about the car.  He suggested the best time to come for the thecar would be Wednesday.  It was somewhat of a relief to have sorted that out because nothing was working.

The third good thing was an excellent video which we both watched about grounding presided over by Doctor Mercola.  We learn that the planet Earth is a giver of free radicals which can balance the body.  We learn that before man started insulating his body from the earth by for example wearing plastic shoes, the majority of problems presented at the hospitals were for the physical side of the body and only a minority for the emotional side.  After the 1960s when people started wearing plastics it was the other way round.

I found myself ordering an earthing mat which we could use either under the keyboard or under our bare feet when sitting at the computer or watching TV. When I read about something relevant I do it straight away whether it will bring a book or a piece of equipment or some pills.

A friend of mine from Helsinki wrote to me about a device developed by Russian scientists which would insulate us from the effect of 3G, 4G and 5G.  Evidently you carry it around with you.  I could not find this on the Internet so I asked him for the website.  Unfortunately, it was in Russian but I could use Google translate for an instant and quite accurate translation.  The machine is called the ‘Quintess’ and I wrote off asking how I could get hold of one.

I heard from my son Mark and how he was doing. He’s teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand and getting used to an eastern oceanic version of pushy parents.

In the afternoon the sun came out, and although the wind was blowing cold it was pleasant to be out. Amazingly there is some heat in the sun. So, in the space of a few hours, the day was transformed into something more meaningful.  I did more reading on the origins of the coronavirus to be told it was only the 17th most lethal virus in the world which has been around forever.  The only way you can get rid of this blanket fear is by knowledge.  We in the UK are still going to have to put up with two or three months of no pubs or restaurants.

I also finished reading the first volume of the author Jeffrey Archer and his time in prison, Belmarsh in this case, for perjury.

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