a bombshell from me and what I got back

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I was chatting away on the allotments to a couple of people and it suddenly came into my head as I should write to all my contacts on my fastmail.com account to give comments about how I saw the corona business moving.   I dug out all the latest facts I could find, mostly from government sources, and presented them to show that the actual chance of dying from this virus was very small indeed.

I have never mailed my entire database before but I thought I would take the risk of upsetting some people.  I managed to do this on a few occasions and I as I write and receiving replies.  The biggest reply was from the postmasters who could not deliver my mail and since I’ve had my system going for 15 years that it’s hardly surprising.  I have a total mailing list of 3850.  I estimate that the redundancy is probably about 12% so this was very useful to me.  I went through and deleted as appropriate.  Fastmail allows me to send up to 1000 addressees at any one time.  It was very simple so to do.

I got a lot of contact from people I hadn’t heard from for a long time with delightful messages of support.  I also got messages of abuse and called all sorts of names such as idiot, dangerous person, and worse.  I also got a neutral number of people who asked to be removed from the list, I think about 10, and I did it immediately and wrote back politely informing them of the fact.

If you have opinions about anything which could be divisive, you will get abuse in equal measure if you are lucky. It does not take much of a trigger to fire people off if they are already troubled about something and with the coronaviruses about the best example you can find..  If you want a quiet life, keep your head down at all times but it won’t be very exciting and certainly will not develop the character. My intention is that when all the replies have been received, I will circulate them to those people who replied to me so they can see where they stand in the rainbow of use from positive to negative. I imagine I will send this out about Wednesday.

I always keep my 5G site active but only put in items that give a new perspective on the whole topic.  I am listening to Ian Crane at the moment who is talking about AI, artificial intelligence, and how sinister it was.  A man was thinking of being engaged to be married and he noticed after a short time that he was getting adverts on his phone for engagement rings.  He could not figure this out until he chatted with Ian.  With his telephone on he walked along various High Streets and stopped outside the jewellers on more than one occasion in fact many occasions.  His phone, that is tracked by GPS, notice this and produced the advertisements accordingly.  We are being naive about how much we can be tracked.

I’m afraid that the combination of the legislative measures of the coronavirus, the bullying of the climate change brigade, the coming of 5G, vaccinations which may become compulsory, increased repression by the government, will cause a quantum change in how the world is run and it won’t be for the benefit of the “man on the Clapham omnibus” if you see the world as Corporation with no boundaries then you will understand how and why things unfold and how things happen at different parts of the world apparently in synchronicity.

For my own part, I’m quite happy to stand up and be counted.  I don’t want to be a moral wimp.  My belief is that when you leave this mortal coil you determine the vectors of your future existence by your push, your desire, what really fires you up, and you get a future world which for all I know may be intertwined with this world but act at an intra-molecular level.  We will not know this until we finally close our eyes.

And now, to the next batch of responses to my letter.

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