Lock-down day two

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The scene at 630 this morning with the BBC presenters sitting at the regulation 2 m apart, with the morning sun streaming in the window

The day started early with me at about 4 AM.  I listened to the BBC briefly and found that the World Service, local radio stations, and radio five live had been amalgamated presumably due to staff problems and the presenter was searching around for subject matters. She was speaking very slowly showing that she was trying to make it up as she went along.  She had my sympathy

I decided to watch TV and an excellent programme about the making of West Side Story back in the 60s. Due to the controversial nature of the subject matter, it was nearly not produced.  A director walked out six weeks before rehearsals were going to start but in the end, the right people came together and on the first night at a Broadway theatre there were 17 curtain calls.

I received a negative letter to my information document about the coronavirus.  The chap started by saying “I regret having to send this letter to another human being” so far I have received 67 responses to my information letter, 16 were positive and seven were either negative or abusive.  It is amazing how people interpret, if they bothered to read, the same material in so many different ways.  People will take out of it material that is determined by their previous beliefs and will be blind to material that they don’t want to see.

I tried to call my insurance company to register the car that I hope to buy later on today but all I got was recorded music and endless invitations to visit the website itself.  I think they are overwhelmed with panicky people.  From what I can gather the main concern of the government is that people do not cross contaminate.  We shall be driving a distance of 16 miles, then driving back with two cars which I will not be able to ensure that we get home.  I’m not unduly worried about having an accident or coming to the attention of the police (there are no police around anywhere at the moment) because I will simply say that I tried to insure it but could not.  I believe we are going to get an announcement today about what people must do if they are blocked into their homes and their MOT runs out.  I do not envy the government here.

UK car owners are being given a six-month extension of their MOT but the rule only starts next Monday and my MOT runs out this Friday

Once again, the sun is shining which is a real blessing. Daft thing to say really, it is always shining but today it is not obscured by clouds.  I spoke to a Christian friend of mine called John; he shared that he had been in America with his son who runs the freight aspect of a large airline and said that in the three days they had been together the number of flights was reduced by 75%.  As Christians, they were able to laugh, share, and pray together.  What an enormous difference it makes to have a faith.

After waiting a long time, we were finally given the go-ahead to go and see the new car to buy, a Volvo V 70.  I love my existing Volvo V70 which I’ve had for nearly 4 years now but it is now too expensive repairs wise to pass the MOT which runs out this Friday and I would have to pay probably as much as the price of the car.  The chap who sold me the car was a jovial enough fellow who has just been laid off temporarily from his job installing swimming pools.  He has little idea how to communicate with other people so kept us waiting a long time before he was in, but I decided that it was a waste of time to comment on this since it would be water off a duck’s back .  Anyway my concerns about driving without insurance were baseless but I wouldn’t do it for more than one journey.  We just got in the old and the new car and drove through an empty landscape and arrived home.  It is a turbo and it certainly does have a kick. Alas it will be a bit more expensive on petrol but you just had to keep your foot off the gas pedal.

More material about the inevitability of the coming of the New World order culminating in the year 2030 when all should be complete.  We would experience a new type of human being, obedient, subservient, emotionless, compliant, with most of the influence of Christianity for example being stripped away.  Anyway, overall I feel good today so there is a spirit of eternity within me otherwise I dread to think how I would be feeling.

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