The Pace Increases

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This morning about 9.30 went off to do part two out of three of a cleaning job.  It involved cleaning paving stones which I find as I mentioned before very satisfying and therapeutic.  As the weather hopefully gets better I hope to get involved in more physical activity to keep my body in trim.

Today, this afternoon after lunch, I went through all the responses to my controversial letter about not worrying too much about the coronavirus.  I do try to respond to letters because otherwise people may think they’ve gone into thin air.  Even if it’s only a short response, I’m happy to do so.  I received three letters from people with whom I had done psychic readings, some over 20 years ago, and one person has reported to me in detail how my recommendations and prophecies came true.  It is always gratifying as so many people leave my consulting room happily enough but do not trouble to come back and report.  Good or bad I’d rather hear from them than nothing.

It appears that there is a correlation between 5G and the so-called coronavirus.  One of the things that is poison to the human body are electromagnetic waves and interestingly enough Wuhan switched on 5G a couple of months before the trouble started; Italy is very heavily involved in 5G, New York and London particularly New York.  So there is a correlation between the two and people drop dead because the body just can’t take the radiation.  They normally include people who had pre-existing conditions, normally older people, but younger people in fact everybody has a duty to keep themselves fit and healthy.

I have been watching videos most the time.  there is a very long three-hour video that I must watch tomorrow called the rise and fall of the Cabal .  I have to be continually studying because as I’ve said before ‘the more you understand the less you fear’.

There is no question of the world situation is becoming more critical.  The powers that be are trying to close down small businesses which they do by starving them of customers and insisting everybody stays at home, churches are closed etc.  I find that I’m energised by such horrors and want to think more clearly and keep my head above the water so to speak and so far touch wood I’m succeeding.

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