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These days are a challenge to all of us and the only way you can keep going in my view as a daily diet are the basics of  positive mental activity, a balance between work and play, and a sense of humour and not forgetting decent food.  I received the advice below today from Astrodienst which is a German astrological website. You can get a free daily horoscope and on enquiring I found this strangely apposite.

This influence indicates a day of busy mental activity and many communications with others. You will be busier than usual with letter writing, paper work and group conferences, which should run smoothly, although under certain circumstances there could be problems. Be especially careful not to speak or otherwise communicate from purely egotistic motives. Make your point and let it go at that, because chances are your statement will have enough energy to be effective without making a controversy of it. If you do turn it into a controversy, you will encounter opposition from people who are similarly inclined, and communication will grind to a halt. Do not try to defend any ideas that are clearly shown to be invalid.

It looks like this month is going to be quite rocky with many challenges.  I cannot believe this lockdown will go on for much longer because the  country is collapsing day by day. I’m thinking of the nurseries who had to time their blooming to the spring and now it’s all going to go to waste which must cost them thousands of pounds.  Financial compensation doesn’t really do it for this industry.

I read in Health Impact News about an article with the question “did Bill Gates and World Economic Forum predict coronavirus outbreak?  Will there be an Internet blackout to control information”.  They are even proposing to shut down the Internet for a few days. Will this madness never end.  To even think in these terms is quite disturbing to me I can’t quite see what they’re going to achieve but then I am not them.  This is the (in)famous conference about a five hour simulation that was conducted in October of 2019: event 201.  If you want to read about it the link is here.

I went out in the garden today to do and underestimated treatment which is called Earthing.  I may have mentioned this before but I can’t tell you how simple and effective it is in grounding us, resolving our physical and mental problems and basically letting the planet be our healer.  If you want to look at the book it’s called Earthing by Clinton Ober.  So simple, so effective.

I called a friend to commiserate with him and ask his advice on something.  He is 82 years of age so not the youngest spring chicken in the world but he had to terminate the conversation because he felt sick.

I derive great comfort from watching videos on Youtube. There is a brilliant one that I am watching at the moment concerning an Indian doctor talking about the importance of the immune system and how most Western doctors underestimate the importance of it.  It’s Doctor Shiva live if you want to watch it. Such courage.  I think a westernised Doctor from the Indian part of the world has both the allopathic and the natural medicine systems in their mind which I think is a great advantage for patients. 680 trillion viruses in our body takes some imagining.

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