A garden job that never was – an old friend

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I very seldom visit Telegram, mostly using Facebook, Youtube, twitter, but I did so today because a friend of mine had sent me something he wanted me to read. I do not normally use Telegram. I never actually got to it but something popped up on the screen, a lady from Finland whom I last met in 2008 when I was in Finland working doing readings and so on. She was calling me from a retreat in the mountains with her two children, escaping from just the same senseless lockdown as we are seeing.  She was very glad to make contact with me and we just carried on talking as if it we had last met 10 minutes ago. This is the best proof of a soul match as I know. I offered her a brief psychic reading just to check one of two things, and she accepted the offer. Amazingly, her husband is half English and French his parents come from Somerset where I happen to live.

Prior to that, this morning, we went along to the lady that we’ve been looking after for the past couple of years. It is rather a strange job, taking weeds off a bare plot going back every so often and taking another crop of weeds off-again. We turned up today to find that the garden was in a good state and that at the other end, there was evidence of cultivation. It turned out that her neighbour had offered to grow some vegetables. She herself, being a lady of about 90, had been encouraged to potter around and do some weeding herself. It seemed to us that the offer of a neighbour had encouraged to do her work in the garden and for the first time ever we left a job without having lifted up a spade. We could have done with the money but we were quite happy to leave because quite frankly the job is boring and the garden was going in the right direction itself so we could say job done.

It seems more and more obvious that the powers that be ongoing for compulsory vaccination and I got a bit depressed about this is acquittals junk in it, but after talking with my friend from Finland I felt better, hearing that everyone was in the same boat.

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