How to avoid frightening yourself to death

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This is a special edition of my diary. I have grabbed the HTML text from Mailchimp, as a result of writing to my mailing list of my 5G exposed site. . As I am a novice to HTML I did not know which of the hundreds of lines of text to remove so please excuse the gaps and the strange pagination.


PS I hope you will find this useful, it is intended for everybody.

watch how easily we can control them with fear – based propaganda.
bottom – I don’t know. I didn’t think there were any free – thinkers left

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Good morning Vietnam. Is this the greatest ‘good morning’ call ever, enshrined so beautifully by Robin Williams.
I also like the rant in the film ‘Network’ with Peter Finch ‘You got to get mad’

Good morning everybody,

The best time of day is when I’m waking up, enjoying the rest that I obtained during the night and the odd dream or so …… and then the cloud descends. I realise that for many of my fellow human beings are in a mental prison of fear and that to them it is real. It is so real that if you opened the door of their prison cell they would be afraid to go out.

I am maintaining the 5G aspect of the site but there’s not much to report apart from the fact that clandestinely, installation of 5G hardware goes on and also that projects have temporarily been set back. Ian Crane (AV) is recovering from his cancer operations but is in a lot of pain and asks people not to call him on his mobile number. UKColumn for the latest updates given thrice weekly..

Here in England we have to put up with 24/7 ‘fear porn’ coverage by our British Broadcasting Corporation which a few decades ago was independent and objective. Now this once respected organisation is little more than a public relations company for the corporates and the globalists.

I am not buying into this stay at home nonsense (Ref: Sweden) which is the greatest contributor to depression and discouragement of healing that you could devise. Isn’t it funny that they ban going outdoors and communing with nature? I go to my allotment as often as possible and feel so good and grounded.

I see people wearing masks – as if that will do anything. I find it difficult to avoid breaking out in laughter. The particles are 95 nm which will get through pretty much everything including the material itself but of course the area around.
Have they never heard of the “immune system” which continually fights off the effects of thousands of viruses as part of its daily job, but that’s another story.

Is there a recipe for maintaining your spirit? Without a spirit, we can’t fight anything including 5G.

At the risk of repeating the blindingly obvious:

# Keep in contact with your friends.  I suggest they will appreciate a telephone call more than a text message or e-mail. Hearing the sound of the human voice is so much more personal and empowering and it stimulates your friends to respond and jump out of their self-imposed isolation.

#  Keep yourself informed. If you believe for one second that our governments (strangely all of them are working together) care about us then you need to rethink.  This is part of the preplanned operation, thank you Bill Gates, to create the conditions in which everyone is frightened into accepting a compulsory vaccination which will probably contain an RFID chip. No chip – no travel, no shopping, no banking. NB  I have spent a lot of time compiling the most useful articles on my corona aspect page including by doctors and scientists. You will be released from fear, or some of it, when you see these people courageously standing up.

# maybe be very brave and actually speak to people and seek their views. Beware disturbing family members because you may need them

#   For this to happen, people require our compliance. Please note, I do not use the word ‘co-operation’ because that means working with. Silence is compliance. That’s what they (drug companies etc) are hoping for.

#  Switch off the news. 90% if not more it is either lies or based on lies. I have not listened or watched BBC news for a couple of weeks now and I feel far better for it. Reading the papers is bad enough, Our Guardian paper in the UK might as well be shills for the corporates.

#  Listen to good music, remember classical music? Why not get out some of those CDs and let the beautiful inspired sounds float around your apartment or your home.

#  Do you have a garden – or yard and you would say in USA. Why not have a walk round, introduce yourself to the plants or perhaps the other way round. Listen to the birds if there are any. You could even go for a walk unless you are from one of those countries where draconian rules have been installed, for example France.

#  Take advantage of any extra time you have by reading those books that you have been dying to get into but haven’t had the time

#  use the opportunity to clear out your apartment of unwanted items. Hoarding is a bigger problem than many might imagine because maybe an item is linked to a memory or situation that is in the past and should be let go of.

#  Some of you who believe in meditation might like to take up the practice again. It doesn’t have to be long and pretentious, it could be as someone suggested 3 x 10 min sessions per day… and something is better than nothing.


#  Make it a rule to encourage at least one person a day. Everyone needs cheering up and this is the biggest assault or psychological operation that I can recall certainly in my lifetime. Possibly the “weapons of mass destruction” would come a close second but no on second thoughts this is more widespread and insidious. ( lovely word that – it means “proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects” – Ed.)

#   finally, if there is a finally, remember that nature is the best healer and will be around long after we have destroyed ourselves as human beings with our idiot behaviour. I’m a great fan of ‘grounding’ which means you stand in bare feet outside and adjust your body resonances to those of the Earth.

If you become fearful then that shows that the people who want to control you have won.  Surely we have more dignity than allowing ourselves to be treated like sheep. It’s up to us really.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t mind receiving telephone calls or maybe even better use Skype. bsnellgrove is my username. I have functioned as a counsellor for many decades now so it is no bother or intrusion to me as I know how horrible it is to be on your own without anyone on the same wavelength.

Lots of love

Brian Snellgrove
Editor and diarist
17th April 2020 …. or is it 1984

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