Glorious sunshine, and a new word

A querent (derived, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, from the Latin quærēns “seeking”, the present participle of quærere “to seek, gain, ask”) is “one who seeks”.

I’ve known the word query but never used the word querent. I’m worried if I use it in my daily speech, others will not understand it so maybe I should change it for ‘enquirer’.

Françoise was frustrated at Sainsburys today because there was a very small queue of people waiting to get into the store. Although the store was almost empty, the woman at the door would not let her in until someone else left. Anyway, this is a ludicrous law because there is no evidence from the science community whatever that the 2 m rule applies. This is one of the reasons I feel so frustrated today. I read that London transport going to run out of money at the end of the month because they can’t pay the staff so I think something has got to happen because even the nincompoops who are in charge at the moment must surely see that we need a viable country and this lockdown will do nothing. At least we have a television which is some sort of comfort.

Today there were a godly number of people on the allotment and it was a glorious sunny day so no wonder. Also, people are at home so they have to time to come out. I have never seen the allotment looking so good. The only time to escape the queues outside Lidl is in the early to mid-evening so that is where we went for our odd impulse buy. Sometimes I can hardly remember what day of the week  it is.