Is this really happening?

Today I feel like I’ve woken from a bad dream to find that the dream is reality. I saw the video below and it gives me some inkling of the huge economic problems that the world never mind the United Kingdom or the United States of America are going to put up with due to this outrageous overreaction to the 19th variation of COVID. If this goes on even for a few more weeks it is doubtful whether the majority of the trading aspects of our society never mind the cultural side will survive.

There are many theories, outrageous or otherwise, which I must do further research on, about the meaning of the word COVID. Some say it is the 19th “Chinese – originated viral infectious disease*. the 19 stones for the year that it was introduced, 2019.    I will check on this and revise this text if I find it is incorrect

So here I am on a wonderful sunny day when we should all be outside playing.   By way of light relief, we decided to go to our favourite restaurant, Hartley’s Kitchen, where they provide takeaway food. We are going to go tomorrow, Friday, to get some old-fashioned fish and chips which they will serve in a takeaway container and we shall eat them on benches outside the restaurant. Well done Paul for having the initiative to adapt to circumstances and survive.  The same cannot be said of Rocky Mountain garden centre who seem completely blind to social media, and the use of their website to advise people of changing circumstances. They could have easily arranged a “no contact” delivery service but at present all their plants are dying of rotting and I do blame them in part. I will check again that this is right before publishing this.

Today I had a battle with Mailchimp.  They have blocked my 5G site for something I wrote on one of my e-mails. Today after waiting three days for a response I decided to use their chat service. It took me two hours to get through, and then another two hours to be told by someone else that my complaint had not been forwarded to the relevant department and I should expect a response by e-mail. Hanging round by my computer is really tedious when I would love to be in the sun but I couldn’t miss that response. I cannot recreate a mailing list of 550 people.

Overall, the day when I realised that the hedge fund is in the corporate have far more power over the direction of the world than presidents and prime ministers of countries. It’s all about making money and all about gaining more power. The human being comes a distant third.

New word of the day: iatrogenic