A sneaky fish and chips in a RESTAURANT

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On a lovely bright day we proceeded to our favourite fish and chip come country kitchen presided over by the ever jolly Paul and his assistant for the day, a lady from South Africa who did the serving. The restaurant itself is closed so if you want attention you ring a bell and you have had to pre-order food. Amazingly, the restaurant is doing good business because Paul has cultivated so many friends and loyal customers over the years that he is now reaping the benefit.

it is possible to adapt to the times

There is fish and chips, and fish and chips. This one was cooked in butter with generous amounts of lemon and seasoning and the resulting batter did not get into the way of enjoying the fish. The chips were a little bit mushy just like I like them with mushy peas to accompany. We were bought some delicious sweets, I had apple crumble with custard. The food had to be served in takeaway bags and we needed to sit outside on the benches to eat. No problem on such a day.

It was amazing how many people came and went. People are still avoiding each other as if they’ve got the plague. Knowing what I know, that this is all psychological programming and a waste of time, it makes me embarrassed. I wonder if our government will actually start talking science instead of frightening people to death. Anyway, all the visitors knew each other and we spent half an hour chatting to people who had come from quite a distance around so you never know, even in the middle of nowhere if there is an attractant people will congregate. It did help that there is a wine wholesalers next door.

Afterwards we went for a walk in one of our favourite woods. I wish people wouldn’t leave their dog mess bags in pristine woods. The idea is to clear up after your dog and dump the results in the provided been by the entrance. Is that too much to ask?

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