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Following a chance meeting in Midsomer Norton High Street today, a friend in my Christian Mens’ group whose son is a paramedic told me about a new app called What3Words.com . This is designed to tell others where you are in geographical terms when you may want to call 911 in America or 999 in the United Kingdom. The entire Earth has been divided up into 1 m squares. With the aid of your mobile phone with a location capacity the satellites will enable you to know exactly where you are. This is then translated in a code of three words. The codes are also known, with their corresponding points on the planet, to the emergency services. For example the road illustrated above, Vicar’s Close,  in Wells  Somerset is fire.cherubs.live.

Is that clever or what? any android apparatus or tablet can use this app. my phone is a little bit ancient for this.

Amazing what you find when you clear out a shed. Below are / were trousers designed for those using power tools especially chainsaws. I suspect they  are somewhat beyond their best. I must have worn them at some point. Why I kept them is beyond me.

Just heard we got another three weeks of lockdown. Funny, in Australia, exactly the same thing has happened although there are very few deaths. I guess the government are taking their orders from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in some manner shape or form.  C’est la vie.

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