A day of virtual church services


Today’s word – calamity

I attended a very simple virtual communion service from somewhere in Shropshire. It was quite skillfully done; people are getting better and better at using Zoom; needs must as we say. I must say I do miss going to church and I hope this wretched farce will soon come to an end. Amazing isn’t it – an invisible virus that has not yet been identified which causes us all to be so afraid of each other we don’t want to go within 2 m.

There is a website run by the Church of England but I found it very difficult to operate and actually find churches that were streaming. I nearly gave up in frustration finally found one so come on, C of E, you can do better than that

I do look to other people as an example of behaviour. One of the  most unlikely candidates is an eternally young looking person who is featured in the programme ‘Hollywood medium’.  He is called Tyler Henry. I love his boyish enthusiasm for his clients, most of them who are known stars in Hollywood. He has a natural gift and I admire his sense of gratefulness that they are willing to see him. He has a most curious habit of scribbling on a piece of paper to get tuned in, a bit like I do with the pendulum but he seems to be accurate time after time.

The other person I like is Dr Pimple Popper. She clearly loves her work and greets every person enthusiastically and positively. She sums people very quickly when she enters the consulting room and always tries to put them at their ease especially when they have long-standing and embarrassing problems. She is fortunate enough to work in association with her husband who is there to give good advice and does not seem to mind that she is in the spotlight more than he. If she is uncertain how to treat a patient she will never give them a promise that she cannot fulfil but rather consult a colleague and invariably the total response is satisfactory for patient.


Calamity Jane

Calamity  Today’s word is almost onomatopoeic. I realised how little I have used this word, I don’t think I’ve said anything is calamitous. I have tended to use disastrous, or even more colourful language do I say. Calamity is a serious accident or bad event causing damage and suffering. For example a series of calamities ruined them – floods, a failed harvest, and the death of a son. Calamity seems to imply something over which I cannot control. So, you cannot have a calamitous mind although you could be a calamity. I remember the film ‘Calamity Jane’.

I could describe the present world situation as calamitous, the combination of a rainy spring, lockdown or should we say lock-up, the complete programming of the public , the breaking up of the world economy.