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Today was a big day. Yesterday I did my second Zoom meeting. we had about eight people, not huge by any standards, but the quality was there. I’m developing a protocol for such meetings in that I do close the door about 10 min after the start of the meeting so we can get used to each other’s fleeting presences without interruption.  I also get everyone to introduce themselves, briefly, without giving life histories. I find that some people have a topic they want to rant about and this is irritating to others. The advantage of having sight of people is that you can tell from the body language without getting bored.

The theme normally looks after itself. The thing today was “peace of mind” and we had a number of very good ideas which I don’t think people would have necessarily thought up on their own at least in the timeframe given. It is necessary to judge when the meeting is running out of steam, normally when most people could do with a little bit more. Our meeting was one hour 15 min which I think was about right. At the end of the meeting I asked people to post notes to each other if they want to remain in contact. After the end of the meeting I write up the substance and send it to everyone so they can add to the meeting and I then collate the whole thing and put it as a record on the zoom land.net website.

After doing that I then sent a note to all 600 members of those on my 5G list inviting them to join. I never expect a high rate of response because people have so much on their minds but I got a lovely lady from California and I will add her message verbatim.

Hello! I am interested in joining any discussions that you may have that involve supporting one another and helping people sort out their thoughts and move forward together. I am electronically sensitive and utilize other abilities to detect things happening around us that many people do not see or sense. I am a Bay Area native and grew up on a ranch in Sunol, CA. I am currently growing my social media presence on Tiktok and other apps as a way to inform people about the dangers of 5g and the importance of growing your own produce. I currently live in the Delta area in California where there are a lot of local farms and I am also looking to possibly lease some land and start growing more wild produce that we used to eat a long time ago. Wild fruits and vegetables and what we used to eat and (they) have stripped our current produce of many of the life sustaining ingredients they have. I could go on and on, Can I please participate in your discussions? Thank you!

What a delightful person. I shall make a guest of honour at our meeting next Wednesday.

As I look at the stats, out of 582 mails sent we’ve had 168 unique views and 301 total views. This means that people have done more than glance at the homepage.  I use madmimi.com  as mailchimp.com kicked me out for using the site for telling people about 5G. As soon as you mention a possible link between 5G and the virus the AI bots pick you up and out you go.  I wonder why.  Anyway, Madmimi has a neat twist to it, any e-mail not opened triggers a resend this time with a different title.

To the allotments to water. Someone joked that if you water it will surely rain that night so we shall see. Whatever, the plants need it.

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