Month: June 2020

A brief walk in a country park

We felt the urge to go for a walk, to get out of the house and away from our computers. We went to a place called Ammerdown Park, about 2 miles east of Radstock which was probably owned by Lord somebody a few generations back. It has a nice mixture of tracks, paths, and a very tall hundred foot high memorial to someone or other. The markings were too blasted by the wind for us to decipher the...

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A pause in my diary

I've been writing my diary for over three years now. For the first time I have not felt the daily pressure or the daily inspiration to write something. My day is partly filled up with my work on the allotment, and maintaining my 5G and corona website.  It is draining on time but I do not resent that. The problem is that the associated subjects, the coming New World order, Artificial...

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First visit to Cheddar Car boot event this year

Last evening we went to a lovely summer solstice celebration with two friends. We had a barbecue and lovely rice bread which I haven't had before. A couple of bottles of champagne can lighten the mood quite significantly. The host of the event proposed that we say something nice about other people in terms of our observations. She said that it was quite difficult to listen to positive stuff. I...

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a possible answer to my stomach problem

Sometimes, the answer is staring you in the face but you don't see it. I did some detective work in association with Françoise and I discovered what may be the cause of my horrible bloating. The symptoms are that I can eat a meal and then almost 5 hours later it's as if there's an evil brew going on in my stomach and are either throw everything up again or sit there and feel like the world is...

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My car key successfully cut

I finally met Lee the locksmith with whom I had been having quite an SMS dialogue in Sainsbury's car park, which also happens to be the car park of the Black Castle pub in Brislington Bristol. He found me fairly easily by driving around. I could tell it was him because his van was completely devoid of signage but there was a huge lock on the side. If anyone is reading this from the Bristol or...

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An air of inevitability

I was out of sorts today because I feel that the forces against us are so completely uncaring and ruthless. However, I was cheered up by a video that I recorded today about 160 doctors who had got together at a ZOOM meeting and decided that if any vaccines were introduced within a year they would be decidedly unhappy about its safety. I have never seen a group of doctors getting together for...

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June 2020