A brief walk in a country park


We felt the urge to go for a walk, to get out of the house and away from our computers. We went to a place called Ammerdown Park, about 2 miles east of Radstock which was probably owned by Lord somebody a few generations back.

It has a nice mixture of tracks, paths, and a very tall hundred foot high memorial to someone or other. The markings were too blasted by the wind for us to decipher the writings.

what on earth has happened here it looks like six trees in one
normal tree rings
very well managed woodland
we sat on a well placed bench and reflected on the lovely countryside with the wind blowing

We had a very pleasant experience of meeting three generations of Polish people in one family group. There was grandmother, mother and father with four children. They cared not a jot for social distancing. We discovered them searching for wild strawberries and passed the time with them. The husband wanted to demonstrate his newly bought drone to his friends but the wind was too strong.

a field with dozens of different flowering plants
steps to make the gradient easier in the main wood

I was suffering a little bit because I’m halfway through a course in homoeopathy. My instructions are to take one arsenicum per day for five days. This was because of my continuing struggle with my stomach. The homoeopath warned me that my condition would get worse before it got better and she was as true as her word. I hope things get better tomorrow meanwhile I have to tough it out and suffer the bloating and vomiting.

A pause in my diary


I’ve been writing my diary for over three years now. For the first time I have not felt the daily pressure or the daily inspiration to write something. My day is partly filled up with my work on the allotment, and maintaining my 5G and corona website.  It is draining on time but I do not resent that. The problem is that the associated subjects, the coming New World order, Artificial Intelligence, being blasted by 5G feels very terminal to me and although a part of me would like to ignore it, I really need to keep one step ahead of the game.

On Wednesday I had a ZOOM meeting for my 5G people, I think it’s number six and there is an enhanced feeling of friendship and fellowship from those who attend regularly. People expect everything instantly and it doesn’t work like that. The group has stabilised at about 10 people and that’s the way I like it. I don’t think I could handle a meeting of say 50 people because crowd rules apply and the stronger people tend to make their voice heard over the more timid ones.  Any idea requires a period of adaption by the members so – people who want to start something new – be patient, you will know after a period of time if it’s worth carrying on or leaving it. Not every idea has to be a success but it can lead to an idea that is successful.

The weather recently has been very warm, 29°C with little wind but mercifully only 50% humidity. I could not cope with 80 or 90% as it is in India and parts of Africa.

There is very little gardening work this year. I rang up one of my regulars and he told me that he would love to have me come and do his hedge but he has been furloughed for the last three months and money is very tight. An advert is appearing in a local magazine in July sure we shall see what that brings forth. We should be using the new Volvo and getting rid of the old one somehow. As it is 20 years old and has no MOT I shall get little more than scrap value but then we’ve had it for five years and got very good value out of it so I’m not complaining.

We had a break-in in our allotments and we found that the deprivation of the plants was due to deer somehow found their way through a gap in a fence. They are timid creatures and very cautious so they want to see where they are going to land when they go over a fence so I have put a board to obstruct the view and hopefully this will fix the problem. The allotments are doing very well at the moment which as I have said is probably due to people having more time on their hands and not being able to lead their normal lives.

My first trip by bus will be the hospital appointment on 4 July. I shall not be wearing a mask and I will tell the driver that I go into panic attacks and thus qualify for an exception from the obligation to wear one.

I have become somewhat addicted to a YouTube channel,  Sam Chui, who delights in taking flights typically first or business class and building up a review Channel on YouTube.  He is a sort of person that can instantly make friends with people and he’s a lovely role model along with Tyler Henry the medium and Dr Pimple Popper. There is a saying that you need to sell yourself first and then you sell your product. For my own part I know I come across a bit stern to some people and this I must work on.

We have another ridiculous rule to follow which is typical of someone in two minds, the Prime Minister’s reduction of the 2 m social distancing to 1 m but he is calling it one metre plus because he saying that all the 1 m people must wear masks or other protection wear. I think this whole covid thing is the most disgracefully managed plandemic as I call it I can recall. The problem for the government is therefore once you start something with the lie, you had to tell more lies to carry over the first one so eventually you will be unmasked. Hillary Clinton is finding this out as will Barrack Obama. His fake birth certificate will be haunting him more and more.


First visit to Cheddar Car boot event this year


Last evening we went to a lovely summer solstice celebration with two friends. We had a barbecue and lovely rice bread which I haven’t had before. A couple of bottles of champagne can lighten the mood quite significantly. The host of the event proposed that we say something nice about other people in terms of our observations. She said that it was quite difficult to listen to positive stuff. I have some nice things said about me most of which I promptly forgot but it’s nice to know that I’m understood by someone.

The only problem was a persistent wind which eventually got to me and made me cold and we, having arrived at 6 PM left at 11 PM with the fire still going strong. I would have stayed longer on a warmer evening.

wide spaces between the rows to try and shepherd people to walk down one row and the other. At least they tried

Today, up at about 8:30 in the morning and we decided to go to the Cheddar car boot sale about which I have written quite frequently. The weather was changeable so we were not sure a whether it was on and how many people would attend but as it happens the meeting did take place and there were I would say about half the number of stalls. They were placed much further apart to try and accommodate the crazy rules of everyone being 2 m apart. I watched a very good video yesterday showing that the virus is not a jumping bean and cannot go through dry air but needs a host to piggy-back on  for example water vapour and then it has to find its way towards an immune compromised person. All vanishingly unlikely. I did not notice many people avoiding each other. What a relief.

They had a half-hearted system in operation, to satisfy the rules and regulations, but in practice everyone was wandering around this way and that. They had made a bigger distance between the stalls. The public toilets were open. The restaurant was working on a one in one out basis but actually the whole thing was working quite well. The smaller crowds could have been due to 2 factors; the indifferent weather and possibly the fear of crowds.

the ever creative Gary Davies plying his skills selling meat
definitely a bargain to be had here
There is no way that this is a standard car colour. I love it

On my return from the newsagents I notice someone was selling a collapsible bike actually two bikes so thinking that Françoise might be interested in having a bike which we could typically put in the back of the car and go cycling at our destination point. I invited her to view it and we ended up buying the model with gears. It was only £40. The person who was selling it had bought battery-assisted bikes so there was no need for them any more and evidently they have only done 10 miles since new when the bikes  were put in the back of the mobile home and left there.



a possible answer to my stomach problem


Sometimes, the answer is staring you in the face but you don’t see it. I did some detective work in association with Françoise and I discovered what may be the cause of my horrible bloating. The symptoms are that I can eat a meal and then almost 5 hours later it’s as if there’s an evil brew going on in my stomach and are either throw everything up again or sit there and feel like the world is going to end.

I discover that I am severely allergic to cheese made with animal rennet. Stopping cheese magically does the trick over some reason I had a smoothie to which kiwifruit had been added and that gave the same effect.

Touch wood, this will be the answer. Strange how the allergy training of all energy and how I thought the world was going to end. I’m not very good at taking pain I must admit.

My car key successfully cut


I finally met Lee the locksmith with whom I had been having quite an SMS dialogue in Sainsbury’s car park, which also happens to be the car park of the Black Castle pub in Brislington Bristol. He found me fairly easily by driving around. I could tell it was him because his van was completely devoid of signage but there was a huge lock on the side. If anyone is reading this from the Bristol or North Somerset area I can recommend him.

Very quickly, I realised that he was the talkative type (no problem with that) and he regaled me on how difficult it is to get spare keys for older cars, particularly Volvos. He was not sure whether he could actually help me but would do his best. He needed to make an Internet connection with the database software that would give the code of the key and the car, and marry them. In the end he just made a clone of the key and after about an hour had a successful result. The cost was £85 which pleased me because if I had gone to the Volvo distributorship across the road that would have been £250.

We had a bit of a chat about customers and he told me that although he has quite a few ethnic and coloured customers the worst one was an Indian who tried to bargain him down from £160 to £100. As Lee had to pay £100 for a unit never mind the labour he was not well pleased. The man continued to try to get a better price and in the end Lee threw the keys at the back of the car and walked off. We discussed what to do with difficult people. He informed me that there are only three qualified locksmiths in the Bristol area and if one gets a problem they will text the other to warn them that a troublemaker is around. Some people are just plain miserable and should be avoided.

Anyway, we left on good terms and I then tried to find an area where there were ethnic shops where we could buy supplies of rice. Alas, the parking is so difficult because most people are still at home so we gave up and went back to base. I still have a couple of problems with the car but overall I’m pleased with it though I know it does drink petrol. I must have an air con top up and a couple of other things but basically we are there touch wood.

An air of inevitability

a wonderful skyscape photographed from our garden
A climbing rose bush, with a vertical garden of lettuce to the left

I was out of sorts today because I feel that the forces against us are so completely uncaring and ruthless. However, I was cheered up by a video that I recorded today about 160 doctors who had got together at a ZOOM meeting and decided that if any vaccines were introduced within a year they would be decidedly unhappy about its safety. I have never seen a group of doctors getting together for mutual support and that in itself reminded me that I have people out there fighting the same battle as I am. David Icke reminds us that we are infinite awareness having an experience in the human body, and I needed to be reminded of that when I slip too close to this physical world.

If you want news, read Russia Today. If you want propaganda, watch the BBC. RT mentioned that Cambridge University were going to do all their tuition online in the next academic year. It rather confirms my feeling that the lockdown or imprisonment is here to stay. The powers that be want to achieve their reset of the world and the more people acquiesce to the draconian rules and regulations, for example wearing masks, the more they will increase the pressure to dominate us completely and turn us into performing animals.

I spoke to my sister today and she told me that many people both in the hospital where she attended as an outpatient and in the street were not wearing masks. I think this law or is it a rule will be widely ignored. Perhaps the government are relying on peer pressure for people to police each other.

We enjoy watching a TV programme about people living in Alaska. They have no backup services so everyone has to be good at doing multitasking and this may be a reflection of how we need to prepare ourselves for the future. One of their number and had a 10 m fall and had broken 24 bones. The rest built for him a ramp so that he could go into his living quarters in the hills.

Back home, food shortages are going to be only one of the problems. I wonder what suicide rate it will take for the government take notice but then I suppose if you have been brainwashed and hypnotised by other forces you won’t really care.

I’m aware that my diaries are becoming a bit dystopian but I am just reflecting what’s going on. Tomorrow, off to Bristol to have a new car key cut. We may do some shopping at the same time. I have no intention of wearing a mask and will not do so even if we have to enter a shop. By the way, entries on my website are quite interesting if anyone is even mildly interested in the Corona virus farce so here is the link if you want to look at it.  From June 1, you will find 201 links to various articles.


The Mendip hills in their ancient glory


Apart from the more well-known caves like Wookey Hole, which is near Blagdon there are the Mendip caving group, sensibly located since there are many caves round and about.  Since the weather forecast was mixed, we were not sure whether to go out today at all but on balance we needed to escape from our house, not that we don’t like it, but that we need a change of scenery and some fresh air.

There were a great number of people out and about most of them alas still following the social distancing rules. We ignore the rules and just walked straight on but people are still ruled by fear so the brain doesn’t get much of a chance to have its say.  On the way out from the road to Blagdon, A ‘B’ Road it was, we saw the entrances to mysterious caves. Excuse the rather out of focus picture. I am claustrophobic with caves and I’m afraid I will get lost or injured so no way I’m going to go down one of these but it must be very romantic for those who choose such a hobby.

cave entrance

It was so lovely to pass by these lovely flowers – Digitalis –  in season.

Not the best slide in the world, but this picture is of an open heath without a building inside or a TV or radio antenna

This area is definitely worth returning to. This was our first longer drive in our new car. We are getting used to it gradually. Tuesday, we go to Bristol to meet someone who can give us a second key. It’s going to cost us £100 but someone told me the keys are much more expensive to get due to the security measures because each key has its own transmitter and receiver. I was told that a Ford key can cost up to £1000.  A tip for everybody – if you’re buying a second-hand car asked about the number of keys because if there are only one that would be a hidden cost unless you are quite sure that you’re not going to lose the one and only copy.

An active day – the insanity continues – more rain


I’m getting used to my new car now or maybe its getting used to me. It’s driving smoother and I’m getting the idea that merely touching the gas pedal is necessary in order for it to go forward. It does not require much encouragement since it is a turbo.

It is most difficult to get a  spare key for this almost 20 year old car. I talked to a chap in Bristol who thinks he might be able to do it but in between tinkering with the dashboard whilst I was on the phone he asked me to send a picture of the key for some strange reason and also the registration number of the car. I don’t have very high hopes and I think I shall end up by going to Volvo and paying a fortune for another key.

I’m enjoying the clouds and rain and it is very pleasant to walk on the grass that has been recently rained upon. It does help the earthing that I have referred to and that is good for the health.

It’s a good lesson of websites that you get your database running smoothly before inviting anyone to sign up since if you don’t get it right they may have to sign up again.  It’s a tricky question with subscription sites how many questions you want to ask people. If it’s just an ordinary mailshot, name and e-mail address is sufficient if you want participation, then more details are required. I’m going to run through this with my colleague Graham and were going to beta test it to death. People have a very short tolerance these days and if something doesn’t work the first time they will just leave it aside.

Today I was driving to the allotment and I saw a woman standing punched not moving. She was elderly, I would say about 85, and it looked as if she had just run out of steam.  If I was not in a stream of traffic I would have stopped and made sure everything was all right but I felt somehow that the desire to live was not as strong as it should have been or perhaps she had respiratory problems or some such thing.

I watched a very moving film about a nurse saying how in her New York. NY, Hospital,  interns and students were treating people as objects and not human beings and that they were making decisions to put people on ventilators because Medicare gave each case $31,000 as presumably as an incentive although they were far more likely to die than if they did not have the ventilators. She explained that the patients were in effect blowing up their lungs by pushing in oxygen under far too much pressure. At times she broke down in tears at the lack of humanity. She said the hospitals in Iraq  were better.

I met Helen, a Red Pill person, who is also a homoeopath and asked for a consultation. She is thoroughly on the wavelength and quite disillusioned with the names she gets called including of course conspiracy therapist and has decided like me that it’s better to leave some people alone.

Next Monday we are going to have to wear masks when we travel by public transport. One of the exceptions as people who have respiratory problems so if I’m challenged I shall tell the bus driver that is what the case is. I hope I don’t get dragged off to hospital and put in a COVID ward otherwise I will not come out that’s for sure. I might go to Bath for a special edition of this diary and record what goes on, the number of people who wear masks versus the ones who did not. I have never known a time when so many entries on my website have confirmed the futility of mask wearing.

It does cheer me up enormously to either talk to or be with people on the same wavelength. It  will make up for the number of friends that I will probably lose because my views are known to all and sundry. I listened to David Icke today who pointed out that every time people obey an order that does not have any sense they become more susceptible, more gullible, and they will end up doing anything there told without questioning. That, my friends, is really depressing. How many brain cells does it take to recognise this whole thing is a con designed to get control of us and give us wonderful vaccines to change our DNA.

In spite of all, I do feel that with the friends I have and my faith I can survive these times. When I say the same thing in six months time when the concert halls, football grounds, art galleries are still closed. What about the hotels? Will airlines be able to offer bargain flights any more because they must have lost billions through this nonsense. One can only wonder. As I say, there are two important things in life, a comfortable bed and a good conscience the rest is a bonus.

Mutton dressed as lamb


Reference my recent diary entries, this is what my wife has done to the non-descript rusty iron container that we were invited to take, garden we did. It now sits in an increasingly crowded garden of Eden A.k.A. our bungalow garden in Midsomer Norton.

I’m looking forward to not wearing my mask when they made obligatory for public transport. The participants at our weekly meeting this afternoon are not intending to wear masks. There are an increasing number of papers showing you how dangerous practice is and how it disturbs the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body. When hospitals are open again there will be literally millions of people booked in for operations and this is when the hospital system is going to be under strain. The COVID fiasco was a nonevent. Wards were lying empty and operations were cancelled.

Our ZOOM discussion today was about how to wake people up. We decided that unless we get some indications of interest it is better to leave them sleeping. Françoise thought it was better to ask questions than tell people. Others thought it was better to give an example of a happy life then my direct preaching. Someone wears a hat saying “there is no virus” and “Stop 5G”. I prefer to function more in the background myself.

Not a lot to report apart from that. Françoise is suffering from tinnitus. This is exacerbated when she sits in front of a computer or the TV. My stomach is fairly under control now so long as I eat moderately and don’t have too much food in the evening, I am fine.

The days do tend to merge into each other. I sometimes have to think what day it is because there are no familiar markers. I know my pension arrives on Monday. Apart from that, it is a “go to the shops on a needs basis” and that’s about it.


a day with some good news


On instinct, I went out today to see a potential sympathiser and human being, Helen, at a local shop.  I was told that she will be at the shop on Thursday, and so I discovered that from next week the shop opens every day of the week whereas before it had been just open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Any sign of life returning to normal I welcome.

Next stop was to Lidl. Bearing in mind that the government are trying to step up the wearing of masks as from 15th June , I asked the manager whether they were intending to make the wearing of masks mandatory and they assured me to the contrary. If the wearing of a mask made me more comfortable than I was welcome to do so but they evidently have no view on the subject.

The third stop was to my local solicitors. Instead of the blinds being drawn I saw a receptionist in the window and knocked on the door to speak to her. She said in spite of the shop being closed, there is activity in the office and interviews are being conducted.

Somewhat less charming was a text that I received from my NHS surgery which read as follows

IMPORTANT PATIENT NOTICE. If you have been asked to attend a surgery for a face-to-face appointment please wear your own face covering for the duration of the appointment. This also applies to home visits. We will not be able to supply you with a mask. Thank you for your support.

In other words if you are uninformed and idiotic enough to believe that the wearing of face masks is going to benefit you then fall into the system unquestioningly. I’m not just making this up with the face masks. Have a look at an article about  why you should not wear face masks.

five masks, bottle of cleansing soap, pairs of rubber gloves, white plastic aprons

This afternoon,the coordinator of the AgeUK group delivered some personal protection equipment to Françoise. She was told that she did not have to use it unless the person was displaying symptoms of Covid. Had she been told that it was mandatory she would not have taken part in the visiting scheme.

We did three garden jobs today, small ones admittedly but every pound counts. Françoise is always on the lookout for items that will be useful in our garden, items that are not wanted by the customer and in this case she saw this object below as a chance to grow vegetables and flowers in an original setting.

I feel more upbeat today. I think things are changing and people are realising the monstrosity of this Corona con.  I met four people in succession who did not bother with the social distancing 2 m rule. They just talked as if it had never been invented and this was most encouraging.

Birthday Boy


So I’m 76 years of age but of course still a teenager inside. They say that Geminis never grow up, they just become more eccentric and I would concur with that.  Last night I did not sleep particularly well so I stayed in bed until about 9:30 am, made my usual coffee and had Wheatabix with a banana and milk and then I was ready for my virtual service at my church. At the time of trying, our vicar is still not very good at delegating and I keep on asking that they do rehearsals for the ZOOM meeting but they stumble on somehow. I could make a few points but I don’t want to be known as a whinger.

Birthday correspondence from all over for which I am duly appreciative. I try to respond to letters within an hour if I’m sitting at my desk. One less welcome letter, or should I say two letters, were from my allotment saying that two people have had their strawberries raided. This happened two years ago. Apart from barricading the place I don’t quite know what we can do and I guess it’s an occupational hazard but in general we are fortunate.

We thought about going out to have a takeaway food lunch but it wasn’t that warm so Françoise agreed to make a fish pie with salad. We preceded this with a bottle of very nice champagne with miscellaneous toasts to all and sundry. More sleeping in the afternoon interspersed by watching videos about North Korea. DW Deutsche World did a very good video which I found on you Tube.

After having had a snooze, time to enter more data this time on the coronavirus. Just to show you what I’m up to, I enclose today’s offerings. I love listening to Dr. Vernon Coleman. He thinks and speaks in English and communicates very well and is totally non-apologetic. This is one of the slower days for news. I wish I had more time to actually read all the stuff. If you want one lighten try items C722 about how thousands of people have been murdered. If you want to depress yourself watch C718 about the long planned “reset” of the world, for our safety and security you understand.

7 June 20

VIDEO –   Losing Friends Because of Corona Tribalism | Carl Vernon Are we led by fear or by love?  9.26  Pub/added 7 June 20 C724

ARTICLE intelligence community wants better tech for COVID– 19 and the next pandemic. IARPA is looking for early – stage research proposals in five key technology areas Pub 1 Jun 20 Added 7 Jun 20 C723

VIDEO – Dr Vernon Coleman.  Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?  We in the UK might as well be living in China. Coronavirus: How and why thousands of old people have been murdered  14:08   Pub 2 Jun 20 Added 7 Jun 20 C722

ARTICLE and VIDEOS – mask or not mask? (see post as well) Published 7 June 20 C721

ARTICLE –  How at risk are your children from coronavirus. Interesting analysis of  the Sweden situation. Ed. Pub 17 May 20 Added 7 June 20 C720

ARTICLE – Daily Mail online (beware the pop ups)  Experts cannot find a single child under 10 who has passed on coronavirus to an adult despite huge trawl of data raising hopes they pose no risk. Experts failed to uncover any cases of children under 10 transmitting the virus   Pub and added 7 June 20  C719

VIDEO ARTICLE – ♠ Spiro from Activity Post – Problem reaction solution at it again.  The great reset plan revealed – How COVID ushers in the new. Pub 6 June 20 Added 7 June 20 C718

A failed expedition to get a spare key for my Volvo



wheat field see below

I recently bought an old Volvo V70 for  £1250, spent about £400 on a couple of new tyres and a complete oil change and there was only one trouble with the car and that was that it had only one set of keys. Anyone who has had dealings with Volvo know how security conscious they are. I rang up a Volvo outlet to be told that the cost of getting a new key would be £250 which includes the key itself and the programming of the key. Unless the engine recognises the code, the car will not start.

I found a local locksmith who said that he did programming, so off we set to a place called Cranmore, a little village about 10 miles south of Midsomer Norton. The cutting of the physical key was easy enough but the problem came when we had to program it. Evidently the key has to be read and then returned to a unit three times with intervals of up to 15 min in between. This is a deterrent for those wishing to clone the key and steal the car. We were there for about one hour 30 min. While he was working, I went for a lovely walk on an archetypal spring – summer day with wheat blowing in the breeze. This made the visit alone worthwhile. Alas, he could not program the key so we returned empty-handed.

disused rail tracks make me very nostalgic and sentimental

I made one mistake with my  new car that I shall not make again. I had a set of new tyres fitted and one had a puncture which I did not realise and drove round on for a mile or so thus destroying the tyre. Fortunately I was able to replace it and will go along tomorrow Saturday to have it fitted. You may wonder why it is possible to miss a puncture but these tyres are of the sporty variety and are much thinner than the average model. Ah well, put it down to experience.

A mixed day of fortunes


I was riding my new car along the Radstock Road when I heard a bang and the curbside front tyre blew. I drove back gingerly home and called the RAC. They had some questions for me. Have I’ll anyone been in contact with anyone who’s got the coronavirus. Am I suffering from any health conditions. This topic is everywhere and there is no escape. The roadside repair person rang me about 9:30 PM asking me to put the keys on the top of the car, social distancing he explained. He seemed somewhat stressed, I’m not surprised at the end of a long day, but he was having to carry out orders which he probably doesn’t understand. Anyway, the service was good enough. The tyre was brand-new and showed no signs of damage so he told me to take it back to the garage and ask them what they thought and if they had an explanation.

My new car has higher specifications and is going to cost me £330 a year to tax. I guess it is because it is more sporty, not really ideal for going round in gardens but it was the only example I could find at a reasonable price.

Last night we had our weekly ZOOM meeting. We had nine people, less than I expected and I told them all about the new system that I had brought in where instead of writing e-mails to each other we could contribute to a message board type of system within a website. This would mean that people could opt in only to the material that they were interested in.

Today I have only done a moderate amount of work compared with my usual volume. I’m largely bereft of inspiration at the moment so I think I will close and have an early night. Today, I spoke to a friend in London about the effect of the so-called pandemic and evidently there are plenty of cars around so people are getting back to normal. She knows to people who had died of the virus and I reminded her that doctors are told to put cause of death as Corona even though they haven’t tested positive. She told me of a doctor who refused to put Corona until the body had been tested.

I find it cheers me enough up enormously to share with people on the same wavelength even if we don’t agree on everything. The cumulative effect of so many people observing the social distancing when there is no shadow of evidence or scientific study is getting to me somewhat. Masks are even worse because they anonymize people.

A Daily Mail sort of day


Today, I had to go to hospital for a scan of my stomach to make sure that nothing untoward was going on. I parked at the park-and-ride in Odd Down south of Bath and waited and waited for a bus that I was assured went every half an hour by a driver in another bus. I waited in vain in the lovely sun and eventually went to the centre of Bath by another bus and caught a connecting bus to the hospital.

Many arrangements have been made for social distancing.  On the bus, you can only sit on one seat in a row and the rest is cordoned off with warning signs. At the bus station, they are not allowing people to get off the bus because of the said social distancing and so buses have to alight about 100 yards away adjacent to the car park. They then do another turn round the block and come in to Dorchester Street  or bus station itself to pick up passengers.  There were very few people to pick up anyway and it is not uncommon to be the only person on a bus.

Anyway I arrived at the hospital at 12:05 for 12:15 appointment. I was seen at 1220 by a delightful Greek doctor who did at least 20 scans of my stomach in the most conscientious way. I complimented her on her thoroughness and she did not understand the word thorough and how to get the nurse to explain. She then berated herself saying that she was utterly useless at English and I responded by saying that she was not utterly useless and I gave a joke Papal Blessing to absolve her from her sins.

About half the people, and that includes the staff, were wearing masks and the other to my great relief were not.  After the examination, I returned from the ward to the central area where they were serving tea and coffee. On the way I saw the most ghastly picture nurse care I have ever seen. What is this all about? It reminds me of other famous campaigns in the past. I had a small Latte accompanied by a chick pea sandwich for the princely sum of £6.60. The sandwich was worth about £1.50, the latte about the same but what do you do.

I had a chat with the bus driver on the way back and we talked about the political situation. He, obviously fed by the mainstream media. said that any government faced with new situations would have behaved in the same way right back to Winston Churchill. He said he thinks we want to draw a line under Dominic Cummings who he said went up to Durham to see his family. I said that actually he went up to sign a contract with Glaxo Smith Kline for research into a vaccine with a French company. He turned on me somewhat said, where did you get that information? It could have been made up. Was there a photograph of him signing the contract? I said, probably no. He said well you can make anything up, bloggers do this just for a laugh. I realise that it was of limited value to carry on with the conversation.

On the way that we visited my favourite little village Wellow.  Down to the Ford which floods quite regularly in winter but during this dry weather was hardly more than a trickle.

Back home, to finish my newly designed website with lots of participation of members. David, the dour Scottish person who is my web developer, made short work of my questions and now 48 hours after starting the redevelopment, we have workable integrative website, with sensitive user participation and respect of  privacy. I shall present it to the group tomorrow Wednesday and see what they have to say.

What a lovely evening it is so we both sat back with a glass or two of wine. tomorrow, rain threatens so that will be good for the ground. In the Daily Mail which I rashly brought there was very little news of any value. Someone was saying that we have to reduce the social distancing to 1 m otherwise industry will suffer. Another person was talking about good food to increase resistance to the non-existent virus but did not make any mention of vitamins C or D. Totally useless. Anyone who trusts the mainstream media for their news hasn’t got a chance in hell. Pure propaganda.

Times they are a’changing


The phrase was immortalised by Bob Dylan. He is the perfect person to sing this haunting lyric with a mixture of nostalgia and realism

Come gather ’round, people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin’
And you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin

Today, another sunny day, was accompanied by much development work on my ZOOM site. I need it to be ready for Wednesday afternoon when I have my next meeting. I want people to be able to sign up and contribute material in a closed environment away from the Twitterati and the Facebookers of this world. This pond skating does not work and does not develop the brain.

I find the best way to develop a site is to first of all listen to the person who is hosting the site or in a position of knowledge, do all you can to follow their  instructions, write the questions down in a group and then have a dedicated session to talk about them. I did this today, sent my questions off and we had a Skype session and sorted out pretty much all the problems at one go. I find that providence gives me a tailwind. I only thought of developing my site on Saturday, it’s normally weekends when such things happen. I know that I have to keep the flow going and it is worth giving all my care and attention to the matter in hand.

I spoke to my son in Thailand. He is still hosting his mother and father-in-law. He explained that they had been invited to return to India from which they had visited but they would have to pay their own fair, and spend 14 nights in a hotel near the airport by way of quarantine. They decided that this was far too much trouble and expense so they are staying on. I don’t blame them and I would have done the same. At his school, the school where he is teaching, the parents want a discount because the present lessons are being done remotely and they don’t feel their children are getting the same benefit as having them at school. I can see their point.

I think that fewer and fewer people are believing the government’s guidelines because they are so inconsistent and illogical. I notice more people standing closer together as instinct takes over. I have had no reports about what has happened to children who have gone back to school today but I hope they are not made to sit in an isolated position though I fear this will be the case. What on earth will playtime be like? Will there be any actual play?  I know that Italy is opening up, other countries are following suit, Sweden never closed down and the figures are not worse, site hope it will peter out before the next no doubt planned “second wave” which will come in the autumn I guess. I wonder how long this lie will perpetuate.

To the allotment, everything is in full swing and looking lovely. People have done a wonderful job and most allotments are full of vigourously growing crops and weed free. I hope we do not have visits from opportunists when harvest season comes. A couple of years ago we had strawberries stolen, they are the obvious things to take. Crops like potatoes, leeks, are low on the temptation list of the people get hungry through lack of food you never know what might happen.