A mixed day of fortunes

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I was riding my new car along the Radstock Road when I heard a bang and the curbside front tyre blew. I drove back gingerly home and called the RAC. They had some questions for me. Have I’ll anyone been in contact with anyone who’s got the coronavirus. Am I suffering from any health conditions. This topic is everywhere and there is no escape. The roadside repair person rang me about 9:30 PM asking me to put the keys on the top of the car, social distancing he explained. He seemed somewhat stressed, I’m not surprised at the end of a long day, but he was having to carry out orders which he probably doesn’t understand. Anyway, the service was good enough. The tyre was brand-new and showed no signs of damage so he told me to take it back to the garage and ask them what they thought and if they had an explanation.

My new car has higher specifications and is going to cost me £330 a year to tax. I guess it is because it is more sporty, not really ideal for going round in gardens but it was the only example I could find at a reasonable price.

Last night we had our weekly ZOOM meeting. We had nine people, less than I expected and I told them all about the new system that I had brought in where instead of writing e-mails to each other we could contribute to a message board type of system within a website. This would mean that people could opt in only to the material that they were interested in.

Today I have only done a moderate amount of work compared with my usual volume. I’m largely bereft of inspiration at the moment so I think I will close and have an early night. Today, I spoke to a friend in London about the effect of the so-called pandemic and evidently there are plenty of cars around so people are getting back to normal. She knows to people who had died of the virus and I reminded her that doctors are told to put cause of death as Corona even though they haven’t tested positive. She told me of a doctor who refused to put Corona until the body had been tested.

I find it cheers me enough up enormously to share with people on the same wavelength even if we don’t agree on everything. The cumulative effect of so many people observing the social distancing when there is no shadow of evidence or scientific study is getting to me somewhat. Masks are even worse because they anonymize people.

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