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So I’m 76 years of age but of course still a teenager inside. They say that Geminis never grow up, they just become more eccentric and I would concur with that.  Last night I did not sleep particularly well so I stayed in bed until about 9:30 am, made my usual coffee and had Wheatabix with a banana and milk and then I was ready for my virtual service at my church. At the time of trying, our vicar is still not very good at delegating and I keep on asking that they do rehearsals for the ZOOM meeting but they stumble on somehow. I could make a few points but I don’t want to be known as a whinger.

Birthday correspondence from all over for which I am duly appreciative. I try to respond to letters within an hour if I’m sitting at my desk. One less welcome letter, or should I say two letters, were from my allotment saying that two people have had their strawberries raided. This happened two years ago. Apart from barricading the place I don’t quite know what we can do and I guess it’s an occupational hazard but in general we are fortunate.

We thought about going out to have a takeaway food lunch but it wasn’t that warm so Françoise agreed to make a fish pie with salad. We preceded this with a bottle of very nice champagne with miscellaneous toasts to all and sundry. More sleeping in the afternoon interspersed by watching videos about North Korea. DW Deutsche World did a very good video which I found on you Tube.

After having had a snooze, time to enter more data this time on the coronavirus. Just to show you what I’m up to, I enclose today’s offerings. I love listening to Dr. Vernon Coleman. He thinks and speaks in English and communicates very well and is totally non-apologetic. This is one of the slower days for news. I wish I had more time to actually read all the stuff. If you want one lighten try items C722 about how thousands of people have been murdered. If you want to depress yourself watch C718 about the long planned “reset” of the world, for our safety and security you understand.

7 June 20

VIDEO –   Losing Friends Because of Corona Tribalism | Carl Vernon Are we led by fear or by love?  9.26  Pub/added 7 June 20 C724

ARTICLE intelligence community wants better tech for COVID– 19 and the next pandemic. IARPA is looking for early – stage research proposals in five key technology areas Pub 1 Jun 20 Added 7 Jun 20 C723

VIDEO – Dr Vernon Coleman.  Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?  We in the UK might as well be living in China. Coronavirus: How and why thousands of old people have been murdered  14:08   Pub 2 Jun 20 Added 7 Jun 20 C722

ARTICLE and VIDEOS – mask or not mask? (see post as well) Published 7 June 20 C721

ARTICLE –  How at risk are your children from coronavirus. Interesting analysis of  the Sweden situation. Ed. Pub 17 May 20 Added 7 June 20 C720

ARTICLE – Daily Mail online (beware the pop ups)  Experts cannot find a single child under 10 who has passed on coronavirus to an adult despite huge trawl of data raising hopes they pose no risk. Experts failed to uncover any cases of children under 10 transmitting the virus   Pub and added 7 June 20  C719

VIDEO ARTICLE – ♠ Spiro from Activity Post – Problem reaction solution at it again.  The great reset plan revealed – How COVID ushers in the new. Pub 6 June 20 Added 7 June 20 C718

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