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On instinct, I went out today to see a potential sympathiser and human being, Helen, at a local shop.  I was told that she will be at the shop on Thursday, and so I discovered that from next week the shop opens every day of the week whereas before it had been just open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Any sign of life returning to normal I welcome.

Next stop was to Lidl. Bearing in mind that the government are trying to step up the wearing of masks as from 15th June , I asked the manager whether they were intending to make the wearing of masks mandatory and they assured me to the contrary. If the wearing of a mask made me more comfortable than I was welcome to do so but they evidently have no view on the subject.

The third stop was to my local solicitors. Instead of the blinds being drawn I saw a receptionist in the window and knocked on the door to speak to her. She said in spite of the shop being closed, there is activity in the office and interviews are being conducted.

Somewhat less charming was a text that I received from my NHS surgery which read as follows

IMPORTANT PATIENT NOTICE. If you have been asked to attend a surgery for a face-to-face appointment please wear your own face covering for the duration of the appointment. This also applies to home visits. We will not be able to supply you with a mask. Thank you for your support.

In other words if you are uninformed and idiotic enough to believe that the wearing of face masks is going to benefit you then fall into the system unquestioningly. I’m not just making this up with the face masks. Have a look at an article about  why you should not wear face masks.

five masks, bottle of cleansing soap, pairs of rubber gloves, white plastic aprons

This afternoon,the coordinator of the AgeUK group delivered some personal protection equipment to Françoise. She was told that she did not have to use it unless the person was displaying symptoms of Covid. Had she been told that it was mandatory she would not have taken part in the visiting scheme.

We did three garden jobs today, small ones admittedly but every pound counts. Françoise is always on the lookout for items that will be useful in our garden, items that are not wanted by the customer and in this case she saw this object below as a chance to grow vegetables and flowers in an original setting.

I feel more upbeat today. I think things are changing and people are realising the monstrosity of this Corona con.  I met four people in succession who did not bother with the social distancing 2 m rule. They just talked as if it had never been invented and this was most encouraging.

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