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I’ve been writing my diary for over three years now. For the first time I have not felt the daily pressure or the daily inspiration to write something. My day is partly filled up with my work on the allotment, and maintaining my 5G and corona website.  It is draining on time but I do not resent that. The problem is that the associated subjects, the coming New World order, Artificial Intelligence, being blasted by 5G feels very terminal to me and although a part of me would like to ignore it, I really need to keep one step ahead of the game.

On Wednesday I had a ZOOM meeting for my 5G people, I think it’s number six and there is an enhanced feeling of friendship and fellowship from those who attend regularly. People expect everything instantly and it doesn’t work like that. The group has stabilised at about 10 people and that’s the way I like it. I don’t think I could handle a meeting of say 50 people because crowd rules apply and the stronger people tend to make their voice heard over the more timid ones.  Any idea requires a period of adaption by the members so – people who want to start something new – be patient, you will know after a period of time if it’s worth carrying on or leaving it. Not every idea has to be a success but it can lead to an idea that is successful.

The weather recently has been very warm, 29°C with little wind but mercifully only 50% humidity. I could not cope with 80 or 90% as it is in India and parts of Africa.

There is very little gardening work this year. I rang up one of my regulars and he told me that he would love to have me come and do his hedge but he has been furloughed for the last three months and money is very tight. An advert is appearing in a local magazine in July sure we shall see what that brings forth. We should be using the new Volvo and getting rid of the old one somehow. As it is 20 years old and has no MOT I shall get little more than scrap value but then we’ve had it for five years and got very good value out of it so I’m not complaining.

We had a break-in in our allotments and we found that the deprivation of the plants was due to deer somehow found their way through a gap in a fence. They are timid creatures and very cautious so they want to see where they are going to land when they go over a fence so I have put a board to obstruct the view and hopefully this will fix the problem. The allotments are doing very well at the moment which as I have said is probably due to people having more time on their hands and not being able to lead their normal lives.

My first trip by bus will be the hospital appointment on 4 July. I shall not be wearing a mask and I will tell the driver that I go into panic attacks and thus qualify for an exception from the obligation to wear one.

I have become somewhat addicted to a YouTube channel,  Sam Chui, who delights in taking flights typically first or business class and building up a review Channel on YouTube.  He is a sort of person that can instantly make friends with people and he’s a lovely role model along with Tyler Henry the medium and Dr Pimple Popper. There is a saying that you need to sell yourself first and then you sell your product. For my own part I know I come across a bit stern to some people and this I must work on.

We have another ridiculous rule to follow which is typical of someone in two minds, the Prime Minister’s reduction of the 2 m social distancing to 1 m but he is calling it one metre plus because he saying that all the 1 m people must wear masks or other protection wear. I think this whole covid thing is the most disgracefully managed plandemic as I call it I can recall. The problem for the government is therefore once you start something with the lie, you had to tell more lies to carry over the first one so eventually you will be unmasked. Hillary Clinton is finding this out as will Barrack Obama. His fake birth certificate will be haunting him more and more.


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