I FINALLY buy my new car


I was feeling very anxious about making the journey to Southampton to buy my most expensive car yet, the last of the great V70 Volvo SE’s. We decided to get a hire car from Frome because my current car is unroadworthy. It was a most glorious and warm day. The Wiltshire countryside is definitely different from Somerset. It is less undulating, more devoid of trees, resplendent with wheat growing at this time of year.

We turned up to what is apparently a normal house. We drove in through the security gates and behind the house we found a fleet of cars awaiting sale. We met the affable Chris, the owner of the car store who said that he preferred to exhibit his cars in a discreet position because he was so fed up with people coming along casually and kicking tyres not really intending to buy anything at all.

It appears that he was an expert on the political situation behind COVID, principally the long-standing feud between Russia, China and America and he regaled us for at least 20 min with the back story of current events. More importantly and relevantly he had an encyclopedic knowledge of cars. He has particular disdain for the french makes which are evidently designed to wear out after 60,000 miles. He also said it is more difficult to get spare parts because a number of elements are made in one unit so if one breaks, you have to replace the whole unit. Diesel is not good for run around as the engine never gets hot enough to burn off the carbon. Diesel is better for regular work and long distances. Hence taxis use diesel.

There was my gleaming new V70 actually the same colour as my old one but my goodness was it in better condition. All the seats are leather.  I have a nice little indicator on the dashboard saying how many miles worth of petrol is left in my tank. There isn’t a mark or scratch on it. I have a three month warranty of the bronze variety which basically means that anything that goes wrong can be repaired up to a cost of £250. I can get a silver warranty where the claimant value can go up to £500 and I think the gold claim up to £1000. I was quite glad to have this certainty but the salesman said with a twinkle in his eye, the car is so good that you won’t need it.

The whole thing has been quite a strain ever since my old car failed its MOT and I had to search around for other vehicles. Most of them were either too far away, too costly, or too near the end of their days. Let’s hope finally I got it right. On the drive back there was a feeling of great solidarity;  everything runs true to form.

I shall now dispose of my old V70. A local firm will come along to pick it up and pay me £60 for the privilege.

Megan and ‘arry, another garden, another mask


Today morning with some clouds scudding across a wonderful blue sky we find ourselves doing weeding in the garden for the lady that we look after.  She lives in Timsbury, is about 90 years of age,deaf as a post, but a lovely personality, an innocent soul who is these days unless a dying breed – no pun intended.

someone’s pride and joy parked to an adjacent garden to where we were working
A ‘family’ of boots spotted in the same lane.

We had literally hundreds of chickweeds to remove and due to the recent rain it was very easy to pick them. I get a certain satisfaction in clearing ground which is a good thing because the job by any standards could be seen as quite boring. I had a chat with the man next door who was jet washing some bricks he had bought to make a path. He asked me if I did such things and I said no, that is a skilled art and in a small area, mistakes are unforgiving. I said if you wanted to get someone in it is better to clear the ground and do as much as he could himself in order to gain the chance of a good price. In other words, make the job hopeful for someone and they will probably do it in half the time that it would take if the ground was unkempt.

During the morning I went to the local branch of the Co-op. Everyone was wearing masks except me. I went and got myself to a coffee from the machine and then a sandwich. Whilst I was doing so, a local man came in and swore to himself that you needed a mask. I told him to coming anyway and just say that he was exempt. He did in fact come back, picked up some crisps and a sandwich and presented himself at the till. No one said anything. I followed him and no one said anything to me. I did not even have to show my sign.   I think this mask idea is already fading though I do keep my eye on the papers to see what’s going on.

The government has scored another spectacular own goal by declaring that people from Spain need a 14 day quarantine period which means that they cannot go to work. The Spanish prime minister complained that the new restrictions imposed hats such short notice were unjust and that is putting it mildly. How long are people going to stumble on trying to run this government without a rebellion? I think people are rebelling but quietly but sooner or later this is going to boil over which is why I do not see that the second wave which was prophesied, strangely, back in April, will happen. Too many things do not make sense which is hardly surprising since Bill Gates is pulling the strings and telling people what to do.

My plans for picking the car up are entering their final stages. I have had to hire a car to go to Bournemouth because our current car does not have an MOT and although I risk it for local journeys, longer journeys are just taking too much risk. On Friday, I will take my old car to be disposed of and hopefully the new car will be in my possession then. It will have a three month warranty which does give me some confidence. the whole matter of transport has been preoccupying me since late March when I bought the ill-fated turbo car a couple of days before the lockdown happened. What likens the burden somewhat is that the person who sold it to me I believe sold it in good faith. You cannot tell when a gasket is about to go and it showed absolutely no signs of any problem for the first 50 miles or so.

I was very interested to listen to Lady Colin Campbell talking about her book ‘Megan and Harry: The Real Story’ on Talk Radio here in the UK. I have always thought there is something rather devilish about the look in Megan’s eyes. They look more calculating them loving and I’m afraid that Harry is far too weak for her. Lady Colin says that however much she is given in terms of attention and possessions, she always wants more. The poor old Queen and indeed Prince Charles has a lot to put up with without this going on. I’m sure this book will be a difficult read but I think they have deserved it for their behaviour, running off to live in Canada complaining when they get the wrong sort of attention seems to be a little bit hypocritical and that is putting it mildly.

We just had another letter from our local quiltery from the owner saying how few people are coming now to view although the shop is open. It is not surprising. He has asked people to line up in their cars outside, coming one at a time, pre-order if possible, not to touch the items, not to have tea and coffee which will be served to them …  in other words where is the fun? It frightens me to see people swallow this total hoax hook line and sinker. These people should be given a talk on the human immune system and how without this system we would all be dead.

Courgettes – a showery day – a dystopian day


This is my wife’s very original way of growing courgettes without letting them touch the ground and rotting. The garden is doing phenomenally well as is the allotment; every couple of days I bring another tranche of runner beans in.  We have learned through long experience that they have to be picked while young otherwise they get stringy and unpleasant to eat; so far we are having great success.

Today we had the most incredible rain showers which were in a way refreshing. Water was pouring down the conservatory windows so after the rain I have a look and found that the down pipe was blocked by a plastic component which was duly fixed.

Our friend from London is here and we enjoyed looking at Francoise’ slideshow of her time in Zambia with Village Water which was an organisation that helps villages who have no water to build a pump and maintain it. This transforms the standard of life and enables them to sell vegetables that they grow in order to buy seeds to get off the poverty level. It was most satisfying to see this. She and my wife made biscuits flavoured with lavender which my friend is going to take home with her. They are actually quite nice and you can smell the lavender.

Thursday is the big day when I go get my car. We are going to have to go to Bournemouth so that necessitates a hire car. I had a look around our local showrooms here and the price of £4,500, the amount of money I’m going to pay, does not seem great at all because I see tinny examples of cars with more mileage, admittedly younger, going for more than this figure so in the great world of buying this is a very modest amount.

I have had my local solicitor write my will.   I don’t think anyone can get it completely right but I have tried to include people according to their need. I’m not sure how much money will be worth in the years to come because we are undergoing a major reset in the infrastructure of the world where we no longer deal with money but pay with our identity by that I mean a scan  of our head plus we cannot go anywhere until we have a vaccination passport and life as we know it will not be the same.

I was disgusted with the government for not giving pay rises to nurses after hypocritically clapping them for their supposed great work during the coronavirus. In fact they were just sitting around doing nothing. I read that 250,000 nurses are thinking of resigning due to bad pay. This is part of the plan to dismember the NHS. The government have ordered millions of doses of vaccine even though I read an article today saying that as we had not had successful vaccines for flu there was no certainty that we would have vaccines for the so-called Corona virus.  Anyone who is interested in this please see my new website and you will get all the information you could possibly want and some that you would not want.

Cars and Karma – job done?


Since I bought my ill-fated successor to my v70 2.5l things have always been a bit betwixt and between. I have driven my old car in parallel with the new one, partially legally, just missing the MOT but bearing in mind that an extension was given. A few weeks ago I had to get rid of my new turbo Volvo because the gasket had blown and the repair cost would have been prohibitive. Since then I’ve been looking round to no avail. If you don’t mind travelling to Kent, Northern and Yorkshire, mid Wales, Scotland, there are plenty of petrol estate Volvos around but I have noticed that compared with the last time I bought a Volvo in 2015 demand for petrol Volvos has increased and at the same time everyone is trying to sell their diesel models like there’s no tomorrow.

Yesterday, I agreed to see someone local, in Chilcompton no less, who had a 1999 Volvo with 146,000 miles on the clock for £600. There were quite a few things wrong with it so I would have to spend at least £1000 on it and there were quite a number of bumps and dents at least according to the pictures. I have arranged to go see the person today, a very affable person called Paul, and we have a lovely talk. The only reason he wanted to sell his car was to get a more modern one which he did. I went to see him and tried to find the source of an oil leak which was indicated in the last MOT. The engine started well enough but I realised that I was not the right profile person to buy the car and what was needed was someone who was willing to do all the necessary repairs themselves. I told Paul that and he totally understood and I said that if my name is on the car and other things fall through then I’ll be back but I did not think he would have too much trouble in selling it.

We had a chat about Covid and he said he couldn’t believe that Boris Johnson our Prime Minister could cave in to pressure from elsewhere. It’s amazing how many skeptical people there are around. Today is the first day when we have to or are supposed to wear masks when we go into a food shop. I went into one where masks were not required and the atmosphere was pleasantly light-hearted.

Zimbabwean sculptures are instantly identifiable. These examples were battered and had cut marks where they should not be.

I understand that Boris is talking about people being made to wear gloves and I think this is just the most ridiculous of a ridiculous situation. How much more will the public put up with before realising that they’re just been tested like laboratory rats but how much they can tolerate. I noticed some sculptures from Zimbabwe, soapstone, with which I was very familiar when I was out in South Africa. Evidently his wife has 100 examples of these weighing 2 tons in total. When she saw them advertised, she thought that they were much smaller than they actually were. I said I would happily make her an offer for some of them but Paul said that they were not available.

Anyway, back to the car.

I receive a daily alert from “the car shop” which is an Internet site which concatenates sales from car companies around the country and one that jumped out at me, 2003 Volvo with 66,000 miles on the clock. That is extraordinarily low for such a year. It was available at £4950 but I still felt for various reasons that it was worth going for. I do not like the new fleet of Volvos and I consider the older style to be the first among equals. I have been very spoilt by the cavernous boot. My standard is – if you can’t put a coffin in it it’s not big enough.

I had a chat with the salesman on the phone and it was clear that we were on the same wavelength, both old school, both wanting to do the deed in the right way. As a result of this, I am going along next Thursday to a place near Bournemouth which I think is about 60 miles away to do the deed. I have to give a deposit of £200 which would be refundable in the event of my not wanting the car. When I made the decision I did feel a sense of relief and the burdens of not knowing that I had been carrying around for some months disappeared. It reminds me years ago when I was taking someone to court. There was no certainty that I would win or lose but the burden of not knowing sat with me night and day and I could never quite get rid of it.

So with any luck, the new car will be here and I can regularise the situation.

The day has not finished with me yet. I received a text from someone who is trying to sell me a car, a local person, asking me if I have received the photographs. I have not and he had evidently sent them to my mobile phone. He has offered me a Honda accord, 128,000 miles for about £1500 which is currently parked near Heathrow. I call that rotten timing because if I had received his first communication earlier in the day I could have factored that into my decision. However,  my contest wants me to commit to the car without having seen it and this is probably outside my sphere of comfort.

The battle for minds continues….


Yesterday I finished a wonderful garden job in Timsbury. We started about nine o’clock and by 10 o’clock I had taken down an entire Apple tree, cut it into pieces with the assistance of Françoise and put it in a pile ready for collection. Apple tree wood is very soft and a chain saw cuts through it like a knife through butter. The same would not the the case with oak or walnut. I regard my work as a work of art and I love doing it. I don’t know where I get the energy from but having said all that I always get empowered in the presence of nature. Their neighbours in Timsbury  are a brilliant crowd. I was offered cups of tea and biscuits. I was invited to take some second-hand books of which I took two. One was about Claire Balding, or rather the story of her earlier life with emphasis on her 15 years of programmes about walking in the countryside.

This is the last day before everyone dutifully puts on masks before going into food shops. You can go into a restaurant and not wear masks but evidently the Corona virus is particularly virulent not in eating establishments but where food is sold. I have never come across such a discriminating virus in my life. The funny thing is, it’s effects have died away like normal seasonal flu but the fear inculcated in people is so great that they’ll do exactly what they told without thinking ‘because the government says so’. I think if people were told to stand on their head they would do so.

It is notable that in many countries mask wearing has been dismissed altogether.  I can’t remember all of them but think it includes France and other European countries.  I shall not be wearing a mask. I will have my exemption badge on me and if necessary will print out a copy of the government regulations notifying who gets exempted.

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana


What a truly terrible pun.

Today after many weeks pause, we are actually doing a gardening job for a lady who was in a rather demanding situation. Her husband, who had been living apart from her for seven years, needed his garden done and the only way the garden could be done without provoking his anger was this week while he was away. She rang asking me if I could come in to do the deed while he was in London with his daughter.

Of course we both stepped in, and took all the tools we thought we might need. The garden had not been attended to for years and was a total mess which is the sort of garden we like. It was quite clear that this woman was in trauma. She was cleaning the bathroom of her ex-and remarked that the bathroom had not been cleaned for five years. There were so many unsolved problems in her life that she could only get temporary relief by repeating her complaints time and time again. We are used to this sort of thing and listened to her with good humour.

The estate in Timsbury where we worked is basically an extended family. Everyone knows everyone else on the street and we were approached about half a dozen times by neighbours enquiring what we were doing and praising our efforts. This added wings to my feet. I love working in the community situation and the work although hard was pleasurable. I found myself offering to take down a 4 m high apple tree that served as the boundary between my clients house and next door.

The sun shone throughout the day and we had a lovely time, trying to encourage and give feedback to our lady client. We’re going back tomorrow to finish the job and this will go some way towards replenishing our low coffers in our joint account

After the debacle of our Volvo purchase which resulted in the car being crushed after 50 miles, our search for a new car has not been successful thus far. 20-year-old cars do show their age and there is always something wrong which requires attention. I don’t really want to pay £10,000+ for a newer car; I can’t see the point and I don’t want the blast of electromagnetic fields that comes with the automation in more modern cars. Instead of fretting over the whole thing, I’m just going to let the universe guide me in the right direction and meanwhile we have a semi-legal car, insured but without MOT.

I find gardening a very good therapy. I completely switch off from other things and just concentrate on my relationship with nature. Therapy without paying someone to be a therapist. What more can you ask for.

A nasty encounter on a bus


I had a great day with regard to the new website on masks. I reached out because I needed some help and found someone who is not too far away to give me support. Strangely, the event I am about to tell you happened to him before I offered him the job.

I quote his Skype message to me.

“We were getting the 10.56 bus. It was just before the bus arrived that I made a fatal error of politely disagree with another person. Just as I was getting into an argument about facemasks, you were commissioning me to do a facemask site. This guy immediately accuse me of fantasies simply because I said that Covid isn’t a major threat. It’s a long story but it ended with him insulting us as we got off the bus. He said, “you two should hold hands, you might form of brain cell together. You’re both figure as ships” I wouldn’t have minded, but my Nan, was travelling with hadn’t said anything. He then ordered the bus driver to never let us on-again, and to call the police should we not comply. As the bus pulled away, he did the “toffs” hand gesture. This is some lower-middle-class guy, well spoken, Guardian reader and well spoken. The driver was his side.

We are going to get more outbursts particularly as next Friday approaches. We are supposed to be wearing face masks, which I will not.

Anyway, the upshot of it is that a new website dedicated to masks has been created and I just have to populate it. I have decided to take some local action and make some leaflets and hand them around.

My Good Samaritan act for the day


I’m always glad to be of service to people and when I go out and about I’m always on the lookout for people who might need cheering up.

First of all, I went to the Green Shop which is where we get all our health foods. Thank goodness it has survived the lockdown. They have rearranged everything and removed the cafe, which wasn’t making any money anyway, that’s given more room for stock. It is much less crowded than it was more pleasant to look around. I asked what they would do when the masks became compulsory inside shops and they said they were not particularly bothered who was wearing a mask and who was not.

I understand that each shop can decide their own policy about letting people in without masks so this whole thing will vary from establishment to establishment.

I next went to the Post Office to see that those behind-the-scenes were all wearing masks it must be very uncomfortable; I remember reading that shopworkers did not have to wear masks so why are they wearing them. I wasn’t going to get into discussions so I just did my business and left.

After that, I visited an animal charity shop and had a chat with the woman behind the counter who was wearing a mask. I was wearing my lanyard with the message about being exempt from having to wear a mask on a bus. It turned out that she was going to separate from her partner of 15 years and he could no longer bring her to work so she would have to get to work on her own by bus. She had asthma so was very anxious about the effect having a mask would have on her. I was able to tell her that with the notice, you just get on the bus without any problem. She was very cheered up this and asked where I could get hold of such a notice. I know that we have a spare one at home so we went back and brought it to her. She was duly grateful and I was glad of the opportunity to help a woman with breathing difficulties.

I spoke to my doctor about this whole problem. I wasn’t quite sure what to believe. He has to wear a mask all day when talking to people but claimed not to have suffered any breathing problems. I queried that the expelling of carbon dioxide could not happen properly but he seemed to brush this aside saying that he had heard of this sort of thing before. I told him that the bus drivers would let me on and he replied that if people are understanding then let it be but he could give me no certificate of a particular disease which would give me official exemption from the role that is coming next Friday.

This trace and Track plan seems to take the form of visitors to a public being given a chance to write their name address and phone number. I can’t see that establishments can spare the staff to check everything and I think it will naturally die away as so many of the government’s threats have done.Wetherspoons are not doing it.

It is a lovely sunny day and what a pity I have to report such things.

Today I have created a new website, where I will place all the references about masks. It is now time to get down to actually doing something, talking to people etc.

I have found a car advertised at £350 which needs some work doing, surprise surprise, but it is local and if it’s got my name on it I will have it. The purchaser in the queue before me is supposed to turn up on Sunday said if he doesn’t, I will be offered it. It is near Shepton Mallet so only about 25 minutes away from where I am in Midsomer. For some reason I stopped worrying about the car so maybe this is the car for me.



The curse of the masks spread to Midsomer Norton


We went out to lunch today at Wetherspoon’s and had a pleasant enough meal.  As I previously stated, the chain has done a sensitive job with the redesign to comply with the welter of instructions that emanate from the ‘government’ . The only feature you would notice is that the seating is a bit more spaced out and that the condiments are offered in little sachets rather than bottles. As of today, milk and sugar have been reinstalled by the self service coffee machines.

We next went to a coffee place called Essence which is in The Hollies. I decided to go and have a coffee there but to cut a long story short, I was told that unless I washed my hands in the jell provided I would not be served. I walked out.

I then went to Costa coffee which is a big national chain here in the United Kingdom if not elsewhere in America. I notice that the woman in front of me was giving her name address and telephone number. I learnt that she did this in order to qualify for having a cup of coffee in the establishment. There was a note about the track and trace system. I asked for a takeaway coffee which was no problem and did not attract an identity enquiry. I refuse to give my name and address to anyone. If I really have to I will sign myself B. Bunny, Buckingham Palace and my number 01234 567890

A grim day in Bath – where are the tourists?


My wife and I went off to Bath at different times. She went off to Currys to find a new fridge freezer. I need to go for a hospital appointment.  For those of you reading who are not from the UK, Bath is one of the traditional tourist areas of the United Kingdom having a strong historical link with Roman times, the baths etc. and the Roman occupation in general.

However the action started earlier. For the first time I actually listened to the BBC News and I heard that on Friday week which is 24 July, the wearing of masks would be compulsory in shops. That was enough to get me out of bed, make a cup of coffee, and decide what to do. We  had found a website that had produced a badge which could be worn by the public called “hidden disabilities, face covering exempt”. Straight away we copied it from the website and had a couple of examples printed out.

If there’s one thing that I do not like doing it is wearing a mask. I find that after a minute or so I start to gasp for breath. This is mainly because the carbon dioxide that is exhaled is immediately breathed in, reducing our oxygen levels to dangerous proportions. I determined that when I went to Bath today for an ultrasound scan, I would not wear a mask. I got on the bus at Midsomer, told the driver that I was exempt, and marched to my seat. The bus driver merely nodded. My guess is that they have to put up with quite a lot of abuse. It is interesting the way that the British public respond to something that looks official. I mounted the badge on a lanyard and wore it around my neck, the sort of thing you have when you’re attending conferences or you are an official at a pop festival. I just said a trifle guffly ‘I am exempt’.

I took four buses today and succeeded in not wearing my mask on each occasion and not being challenged. Two of the drivers just stared at the badge and just nodded me in. The last driver was just glad to welcome any visitor on a basically empty bus.

abandoned masks in the hospital grounds must be a nightmare to tidy up

I visited the hospital and were greeted by a long trestle table with hand washing anesthetic cream and a supply of face masks. It is most depressing to see everyone in masks because you can only see half their face. I had the same lovely Greek consultant and we joked about her wearing a mask all day. She said that she had fainted once or twice. That says it all. She reminded me that hypoxia was from the Greek. Hypoxia is when you don’t have enough oxygen.

As for Bath itself, it is but a shadow of its former self. I would say about 25% of people were wearing masks but that’s not the point. People were not talking to each other. The buzz and happiness that you normally get from people was not there. We saw a great number of shops that had obviously closed permanently. There were no tourists from China, America, Germany as we are used to seeing so how can this town survive. Even well-known brands were deserting. I’m so angry about this because Boris Johnson our Prime Minister has taken really bad advice from people with vested interests in making money out of of pharmaceutical products namely vaccines. The best thing they could have done is to just let the virus die down as viruses do. The lockdown just made things worse.

Whilst I was waiting for a bus, I noticed a number of features in a very small non descript area by the bus stop.

This was an old sign in stone demarcating the boundaries of parishes as used to be the case in the old days.

The biggest mystery was the hole in the stone wall. It could not possibly have been caused by a car crash because of the tree in front. If someone wanted the stones why didn’t they take the easy alternative and remove the stones on the top whereas they have made a hole so to speak and left the top layer hanging in the air.

Finally, I don’t know about the mixed messages below.

It is Bastille Day in France, 14 July, and Françoise wanted to celebrate which we did with a bottle of very nice champagne and also some sweet wine. We had fruits de mere for supper.

I’m really exercised by how difficult it is to find another car. Everyone is selling diesel cars like there’s no tomorrow but I can’t find a decent 15 to 20-year-old Volvo V 70 automatic petrol. I know as time goes on they get more difficult to find. Maybe the message is that I need to upgrade a little bit and perhaps not do so much gardening.

Françoise has indicated that she doesn’t really want to go back to Bath  because the atmosphere was so bad. Let’s hope things get better and the soul that has been wrenched out of this beautiful historical city can somehow be restored.

On the way back I stopped off at Radstock to go and enjoy the newly reopened workingman’s club. To my horror, the bar was not open and in an adjacent room, the entertainment hall, tables had been laid out so you could be served at a distance from others. There were two young ladies sitting at a reception table and they said rather apologetically “we need to ask for a few details”.

No way am I giving my name and address to any bar or establishment of that nature. It is complete overreach. I turned on my heels and left. I hope this madness ends soon. I hear that the British government have ordered 56 million vaccination kits and this for a virus that has not yet been identified and for a vaccine that has not been developed. What a complete and utter waste of time

A grand bonfire


We have air, earth, fire and water as the four elements. I appreciate them all. Enjoy with me the process of making a fire from start to end ( the video only lasts about 6 minutes)

We had a couple of helpers coming along and we got rid of a whole load of material in a very short time.  Very satisfying and it was a lovely day.

I got an invitation from my church today. Normally we have coffee mornings between 10 and 12, on a Tuesday, and someone makes cakes and serves coffee or tea. It is all very jolly.

now we have a new set of instructions which we all need to follow

# seats will be placed outside the church in small groups of up to 6 people at 2 m distance.

# On arrival you will be offered a seat. Do not swap seats or move your seat at any time during the morning (if you wish to meet a specific friend we suggest you arrange to arrive at similar times that you can be offered seats in the same group)

# you’re invited to bring your own drink and snack. Please do not share.

# Should you wish to use the church facilities, they will be open. A one-way system will be operational
please enter, the main door
Use hand sanitiser
take the door immediately on the right. Proceed to the toilet.
When leaving use hand sanitiser again
Go through the door into the kitchen area and then into the church
Leave the church by the back door
Leave all doors open where possible

sanitisers will  be provided

…..and it continues in this vein

I replied

I shall not be attending thank you.
The virus peaked in March and is now no longer an issue. The whole thing is a con trick.
The Church have cravenly given up their rights – it is so embarrassing.
over 1,000 links.



Energetic drama with my Volvo + a country walk


I’ve just returned from visiting a local garage owner, Will Smith, who works in Radstock. We talked about the gasket problem with my ‘new’ car. He said that he had had experience of people who were emotionally attached their vehicles where the same problem pertained. In one case, on examination, further problems were found like a crack in the cylinder head and the luckless owner had to spend thousands on getting his car going when the current value of the car was only about £400.

Will suggested I go to a scrapyard, Kings, in Farrington Gurney They would pick up the car and maybe give me some money. I decided to go along straightaway.  R.J. King is a huge operation as you will see from the website. I took along the logbook and please just in case I felt like giving the car over. I’m glad I did because while on the road I realised that I just had to give up the idea that this car which I spent altogether £2000, was just not going to function. Most interestingly to me, the moment I handed over the keys and the logbook I felt a sense of relief like I cannot remember. It was like I had lost half a stone in weight. It reminds me of when I have done a major healing job. I just wonder whether there was some sort of curse or bad mental influence on the car.  It’s funny you don’t know how much of the burden you are carrying until it is lifted.

I now feel that I’m free to go ahead and find another car. Meanwhile I will limp along with my original car, drive locally, and keep my head down so to speak. My attitude is that if lessons have been learnt, and they surely have, the loss of money is secondary though always regrettable. The fact is that I did not have an accident, I am safe and sound, I have my mental faculties when so many people are losing theirs and that helps keep a sense of proportion.

Wetherspoon’s have done a brilliant job in getting the message across without frightening people. While there for a coffee I saw that the extent of distancing notices, plastic shields, were sensitively and discreetly done. They have still got this stupid two meter rule but then I suppose they have to do this because of the government diktat.

I then went shopping and met a couple sitting on the bench who seemed contented enough with life. I passed the time with them and told them I’d been to Wetherspoon’s where I told them I was most encouraged to see that the staff were not wearing masks.  They said they had been to Wetherspoon’s in Street and although it was quiet they were very impressed by what they saw. I love the upbeat, non-fearful and realistic attitude of this couple and I wonder how long it will take for common sense to prevail. Alas, the new version of government has got the psychologist of people in such a grip of fear that I doubt whether much will shift them any time soon.

I just saw in the Daily Mail that the government is discouraging everyone from going on cruises. This is yet another piece of illogical legislation designed to break this country. If you allow one type of travel you need to allow another equivalent type of travel so this will break the cruise industry because there is no end date to the regulations. It is heartbreaking to see the country being broken up around me.

Off for a walk in our locality.  We pass a stream with a goodness knows how old passing way. I cant call it a bridge. We were privileged to see lovely cloudscapes. my camera phone could not focus properly but you get some idea I’m sure.We are not sure what these are. Are they cattle feed?

It is very nice to get out and about even if it’s local and short. Nature is a great healer. I telephoned someone who were found on Facebook who’s got a Volvo available for £700. I can’t seem to resist buying cheap cars. I’m meeting him next Tuesday. The only thing that worries me is the short MOT, it’s due in October, but hopefully I’ll be lucky next time.

New perspective on the cars and material things in general


I feel much better this morning about my two wounded cars.   I will drive the old one carefully and locally until we take it to the garage next Thursday to see if it is worth repairing to necessary standard for an MOT. As for the new car, I’m determined not to let it die so I have found someone who will attend to the job in mid August which I know is a long way away but no one is putting pressure upon us so if it is a simple gasket repair (are they ever?) without any other damage I should get away with it because the rest of the car is very good. I could say “there is a lot of car”. Anyway, I don’t want to waste £2000 which is what I spent so far on it.

My sister from London called me up and told me about an evangelical speaker called Andy Croft. He is a remarkably transparent person with his boundaries just right. He will talk about personal things but not spill his guts and is a wonderful testimony for God. If you feel like sampling what he’s talking about, in this case “the battle for the mind” the link is here.

I’m going to be conducting or hosting a ZOOM group for Christian men in Frome. Being a host is very demanding because you got to make sure that people don’t read it on too much and you also have to make sure that everyone gets a say. I have 12 people in my current group and that’s about as much as I can manage without having people being relegated to observers because they don’t jump in quickly enough.

Saturday is a grand day because at the allotments we are going to have what I call a “Grand Bonfire”.  Due to the fact that the recycle is still closed, I know that a number of people have not been able to deposit items there and this includes wood and other burnables so were going to have a splendid bonfire about 4 PM on Saturday. I am somewhat of a pyromaniac anyway so it will be my pleasure to do this and I’m sure people will not miss out on the opportunity to bring some material for disposal.

No mask, no haircut – where are we going?


This correspondence took place between two members of my ZOOM group

I remember in the Zoom you mentioned you were going for a haircut and I just returned from one today – or nearly !

The lady who cuts my hair is extremely nice and I have known her for more than 20 years and she runs her shop with a colleague of similar age.

I arrived at the appointed hour and they asked me to wear a mask.

I refused and said that it is pure propaganda and it is not even good for you (and they used these silly paper style things). They said they could not let me in if I did not wear a mask so I said in that case I will never set foot in their shop again !

They are nice people and but I refused  to join in the charade.

I think it is important to make people think when a situation arises in my view at least ( whatever the instructions the state has issued to them)  – otherwise one is not being true to one`s own lights – and that of course is a lack of integrity for mind.

If they want to follow propaganda that is their freedom – but they cannot impose it on me I am afraid.

I said I am quite happy then to continue to cut my own hair thank you very much.

They looked very shocked and disappointed, especially when I said I mean what I have just said about not setting in their shop ever again – but if it has made them think that is all that matters. We are not do gooders;  we are reflecting an aspect of truth as far as we are able to perceive it – truth even if people cannot see it at a given time, always moves with compassion. Do gooding and the there, their approach is very often an escape from the facts, of course.

In relation to your point – I think it was yours – about the NWO running the place – at the moment and for thousands of years there has been a savage control on human consciousness.

But I do have a feeling very soon people will be woken up with a shock when they find out how this society has actually been run. Then they can see and in their own free will which way they want to move in life.

And the sooner it comes the better ! And that waking up might be traumatic for some – not in terms of violence naturally,  of course, but in terms of cognizance of fact – but as I said we are not ‘do gooders’, we are just concerned with truth.

The truth is that which ultimately sets mind free.

And truth is never visits a mediocre mind does it

Best wishes as always


to which a reply came from a colleague of a contact

I’m so grateful and proud of you (if you don’t mind me saying so) that you proved and showed practically your principles. For without walking the talk we are as shallow shells breaking in a testing wind that shows what we truly are made of.

Fortunately my hairdresser today didn’t insist on me or any of her clients to wear a mask and also I got her to agree to guarantee she would not share my details (she already has on her database) with anyone else including government or any agency of the government.

British people traditionally laugh in the face of adversity don’t we, however we should also take things seriously enough to realise when agencies of disempowerment conspire to rob us of our power and even life.

We are proud exemplars of a properly functioning human being with faculties in-tact employing our wisdom with sensitivity also with tact.

I love the challenge if not the challengers. Personally I thrive in challenging times. We certainly live in challenging and interesting times.

Thanks for sharing that interesting and challenging experience
and the follow up from the original writer:

Many thanks for your email

I think your hair cutter is more with it than my one

– I just really saw the power of mind control operating and did not want to touch that poison.

It is degrading isn’t it.

And they are happy and willing to live with degraded mind

I find it utterly distasteful. It is a sickness of mind no more no less.

Best wishes as always

To which the reply came

Yes, people are lulled, duped and succored into things they know, not what they do, leaving their discrimination and critical faculties at the door.

They give away their power, allowing others they assume have power over them to do their brain laundry for them. It is a mark of how both education and society has failed people. But moreover, how people have failed themselves.

We are seeing the.culmination of the great re-engineering of society. The proving ground of social conditioning. Ground zero.

Now is the time for the way showers to be resolute and be the guides for those who lost their way.

We can show that there is another way, through disengagement and reinstatement of our discernment. Engage brain Mr Sulu! .. something to be said for Star Trek! 😉

Let us grow our hair as antenna and save a tenner! : )

In mourning for lack of transport


The garage rang me up this morning to tell me that the new Volvo that I had bought so enthusiastically for a total cost of £2000 is a write-off because there is a blown gasket and the whole engine would have to be disassembled. Not worth it.

So now I have two cars. One is a runabout with no MOT and therefore no insurance. The second car has an MOT and insurance but is not roadworthy. One of the hidden problems of the Corona virus situation is that people are not buying and selling so many vehicles and tending to wait for things to improve. Doing the usual searches on eBay I noticed the lack of new entries. I also noticed that garages are seeing people by appointment only.

I thought of getting a hire car while I’m sorting things out but as I am over 75 years of age,(it goes up once a year) I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but insurance is not available so Françoise who is six years younger than myself have to be the rents of future vehicles.

It is of course conceivable that we have just become lazy but unlike London where we both lived, here you need a car to get to places and the bus services are not as frequent as one would wish as the Queen would say. Thank goodness I don’t have any outstanding gardening jobs.

I have been hovering around in no man’s land today and have been watching trash TV. I normally maintain my 5G websites on a daily basis but have not got round to it so far. I’m sure I will manage tomorrow but today I just don’t have the focus.

Ian R Crane, who some of you may know as the originator of the Alternative View conferences, has been stricken with cancer recently. Brian Gerrish proposed to set up a fund in his name in order that he can get away from the NHS and take some private treatment. The initial target as £10,000 but as I write the sum received is about £27,000 which is brilliant. It just shows how many people regard him and his achievement with such respect and dare I say love.

A marriage amidst the disaster of post lockdown Bath


Today, a trip to Bath for my bi-monthly eye appointment.  Since wearing a mask on public transport is mandatory I have had to wear one. The drivers showed not the slightest interest in whether I had one or not so maybe I could have got on the bus anyway without being challenged but it was a risk I could not take because my eye appointment is valuable to me and my sight.

On to the bus without difficulty. Little did I know that I was going to find a graveyard of establishments that were not opening again. The Prince of Wales is a pub on the road to Bath slightly north of Peasedown.  There is no question that the closure of this pub is not temporary. They have closed for good. 11 weeks without a customer was just too much.

I arrived at Bath bus terminus about 1 PM. I was keen to see the effect of the recent loosening of rules.  The queue to get in the Bradford and Bingley building society must have been about 25 yards long with 2 m squares carefully marked out on the pavement. I did not see that many crowds in pubs.

Gardens in the middle were as immaculate as ever, people just walked in without any need to pay as can happen during some holiday periods.No one was wearing masks. I commented about that to the chap on the right of this picture but he did not say anything and merely nodded. On the other hand, a young girl with a child and a very funny – to me anyway – was wearing a Tshirt saying ‘Positivity please’.  I engaged with her about this and she said she wanted an antidote to the misery and negativity. Well done you.

The bronze  of Mozart was interesting. I had not noticed that birds were a part of the sculpture.

I was surprised by what was obviously a registrar office wedding. There were only a few in the party and the bridegroom looked very young but they seemed to be having a good time in their own way.Onto an indoor market for perhaps a cup of coffee but although the coffee bar was open, the coffee machine itself was broken. The lady offered me a beer instead but I thought it was a trifle early in the day for that.

I saw too many of these signs for my liking, examples enclosed.

The markets were going (fairly) strong as ever, with an enhanced choice of vegetables and fruit that we are not used to obtaining  in Midsomer Norton.

To Wetherspoons who had written a superbly worded  notice at the door covering everything. The extra plastic protection was not intrusive and I am sure I would have had a good drink experience had I chosen to stay.

On the way to the hospital I saw this very depressing sign. Although there is absolutely no evidence that we need to avoid each other permanently, the roads are already being designed for this.

This is a sign outside an estate agent.

To the R.U.H.    I had heard that people were not visiting the accident and emergency hospitals I went along to have a sneaky look and a photograph. there were a few people sitting around with every third seat marked as being unsuitable in. There were six people in there altogether. Maybe the others are frightened to come.

I saw a feature that I had not seen before outside the new cancer unit which is a free pressure pump for bicycle tyres. Well done someone using your imagination.

The central restaurant downstairs was deserted so I bought myself a Latte and surveyed the world as I was early for my appointment.

At the hospital entrance everyone had to wear a face mask and keep it on until they leave. I dutifully put one on and found that after a minute or so I could hardly breathe. How on earth people put up with this all day I do not know. I went along to my appointment and had to ring a bell to get in. I had to stand back while the nurse asked me questions about contact with COVID. I was then told I had to walk along a one-way system towards a section of the ward marked ‘injections’. Whilst in the waiting area I over-heard that there were six appointments for injections this afternoon but only three people bothered to turn up. Considering the high cost of the staff who give the injections this is a considerable loss to the National Health. Mind you, this is nothing to the loss in the country which must be billions today due to this deliberate manipulation of our minds on the grounds of “keeping us healthy” when the source disappeared about 12 weeks ago. Keep the fear going, boys, keep the fear going.

Tests confirmed that my eyes were not as good as last time which considering that four months had passed since an eye examination did not surprise me so the injection was timely. Back on the bus, when I noticed that at all bus stops there were no timetables just the theme of ‘keeping our buses safe’.

Arrived home with some relief, having obtained a bottle of white wine along the way. A perfect sunny evening. Overall, a good day but I could not cope with wearing a mask on a daily basis.



How to …. speak to people about what you believe


This has been one of our better years for hollyhocks. Here they stand at least 2 m tall in all their colour in front of our living room window. Had a very nice lunch today courtesy of Françoise with  fish & alumi cheese satay and spaghetti with Thai sauce

This is our first day without a car. It sits in the garage awaiting repair. We cannot really drive the old one because the insurance has run out and if you have an accident even if it is the fault of the other person, costs may be involved. I have done a pendulum dowsing for whether I am going to have to buy another car and I get an 80% certainty that the present car can be repaired. Having said that I’m much better on dowsing people than cars and am quite useless at finding lost objects. Sometimes a dowsing rod works better for certain applications but I like my pendulum and having used it for over 40 years am not about to change any time soon.

We had a most interesting zoom meeting run by a group in Bristol campaigning against 5G mast installation. During the meeting, a talk was given by someone by the name of  David who is a management consultant from Essex. He gave us a very fine exposition about engaging people whether it is a local councillor or giving a campaigning speech to a person or a group. I’m going to record his points in this diary because I thought they are capable of being of value to anyone and everyone.

First of all he discussed the influence of authority on our actions and attitude. We tended to defer to someone with qualifications, someone wearing a uniform, and someone with obvious trappings such as a luxury car. We tend to hand over power subconsciously to such people. We do it all the time. We should not underestimate the influence of authority on our actions.

We need to ask the question is this “authority” truly an expert. Also how truthful are they?

We must not get caught in negative emotions. We must lose the fear and become powerful. We must let go of fear and anger. He recommended a book called “Letting go, by David Hawkins”

When we speak to others, first of all the people note our general demeanour for example how calm we are, then how we are speaking and finally what we are speaking about. I said to him that I decide in the first five seconds of someone opening their mouth whether what they have to say was interesting or not. I said that Mother Teresa was not a very good speaker technically but she had everybody riveted because she really believed in what she was saying. Others can say the right thing and yet can be totally boring. I want people to walk their talk.

There are four parts to trying to convert someone or change their minds or influence their behaviour.

First, we need to make a statement which is basically a claim. For example ‘this water is polluted’. Secondly, we must explain any technical terms such as the meaning of the term ‘pollution’. Then, we need to give examples, not many but a few good ones. Finally, we must come to a conclusion which we can say is a call to action. The call could be in the form of a question for example “is it worth thinking about this subject?” Or “are you prepared to give some time and energy to research?”

We need to anticipate objections and forestall them probably by having background knowledge. An objection to what you say may be irrelevant in which case you should point it out. You could ask people why they hold their particular point of view thus giving them a chance to review their own attitudes. If you examine, people will often disprove their own logic. It may well be that you could agree with their point of view but say and demonstrate that your point of view is more important.

The best way of opening a conversation may be to ask a question. David reminded us not to overload people and not to switch them off by excessive claims or harsh delivery. We must remember that the purpose is more important than one person. David also reminded us that if we want to get people onside you must show them respect but be firm in your concerns. It is keynot to evoke the ego. Give them a way to act that works and provides you both with a good outcome. In my observation, it is a waste of time to expect anyone to cause a complete change of mind in another person. If you get them to consider a situation from a new point of view then you have probably done as much as you can at one sitting so to speak.

I must put all this into practice when I go on a bus tomorrow. I have no intention of wearing a mask and I’m not sure whether I’m just going to walk on the bus and hope the driver will not say anything, or just wear one casually round my neck.

A day of disaster


After having cleaned out my car of five years for anything resembling personal possessions, the old and new volvos set off for the car recycling unit – or scrapyard- in South Somerset. We were approaching the site of the Royal Bath and West Showground when Françoise flashed her lights and honked her horn saying that the new car was giving trouble – steam was coming out of the bonnet.

We stopped and found a chocolate-like substance oozing out of the water cooler system. That says one thing and one thing only, oil and water have mixed. We saw that we could not drive any further and called the RAC who arrived about an hour later. They are always cheerful and very nice people and this time the chap was called Martin. He said it could be a blown gasket in which case the car was a write-off or it could be a more local problem with the cooling system itself.

Forensic evidence that oil was not well (excuse pun)

Fortunately I am covered for a tow so we went back to Fourth Street Motors in Westfield, Radstock. I may or may not be lucky in being able to restore the car. So, we have an old car which has run out of MOT and insurance and we have a new car which has an MOT but is undrivable. I asked the garage if they had a courtesy car available but they don’t have one until the middle of next week at the earliest.

I tried to draw the positive out of everything. Had that happened when we had delivered the old car for scrap we would have got rid of it and the responsibility of it but we would have also been well and truly stuck. If the new Volvo is prohibitively expensive to repair then I might get the old one fixed up even if I have to spend a few hundred on repairs but at least we know it works.

The garage people were nice enough but they couldn’t do anything until next week because they were busy on other cars. I really hope I don’t have to to get a hire car because the cheapest one in the area is £150 a week and that could quickly accumulate to the cost of a second-hand car which would get us around.

The best thing I can say is “it could have been worse”. Time will tell.

To the allotment amidst rain. We found a pigeon who had suffered from an attack by something or other. It was just about alive, blinking its eyes. Nothing to do but let nature take its course.

We picked a few peas which were not quite ready but which looked and tasted good enough.


Popping around the corner for a country walk


There are few things more pleasant then a walk on a sunny summer evening. We are lucky that 300 m away there is an entrance to the hillside which overlooks Midsomer Norton which is where we live. The word Midsomer means the middle of the river Somer, which can hardly be called a river because it is so small I would rather say it is a stream.

Off we went just before 8 PM this evening and here is a record of our little hour journey

Is this naff or what. They are all battery-powered toys or sunlight powered toys that moved back and forth, danced, or tipped from side to side. I would find this very distracting in my car
The rather idyllic and dreamlike entrance to the fields
Midsomer Norton in all its glory
A curious cow wondering who these two strange people are. Do they have food?
Is this barley?
The junction between an old lane probably used in the 19th century and the river Somer
A lovely country garden on Withies Road
Apples coming into their fullness.

We had a couple of nice chats along the way, one with a couple sitting on the hill enjoying the sunshine. I was very pleased that they didn’t jump away from me like other people. The man had obviously figured things out and didn’t believe the nonsense about Covid and felt it was all designed to scare us. It is so nice to meet people who actually think and are not scared. His girlfriend was joining enthusiastically in with him so they were at one.

Back in our road we spoke with a couple about the perils of cutting a hedge that had not been attended to for some time. We had a good old moan about the fact that the recycle had not opened.

I had a chat with my friend John, a Christian and evangelical, who told me that a friend of his had a son who had tried to commit suicide by jumping off a car park. He failed but severely injured himself. I wrote from my perspective saying that it was obviously not his time to go and commenting that when have a near death experience our entire life flashes in front of us  and he probably had great regrets in doing an action which would have had a devastating effect on his friends family and contacts.

It is so easy to get like this when you don’t feel supported. A person can be jolly and bright on the outside and yet desperately lonely within.




Homeopathy at a gentle rate


I sent off to my homeopath a report of everything I had eaten and drunk in the last five days together with a report of any adverse symptoms and any medications that I took.  I had a really bad night last night with excessive bloating and had to go for a walk to try and joggle my stomach around enough to dislodge the gas. For the first time ever I took allopathic medicine late at night because nothing else worked. After 20 min, the pain stopped instantly.

This morning we had a conversation on the phone about my condition. Homeopathy is very subtle, drawing the body’s attention to certain imbalances most of which have been around for a great amount of time. The first medication was based on arsenic and the second will be based on lycopodium. The consultations have an almost prosaic feel about them, pondering rather than prescribing, feeling our way around things and trying to figure out what caused what. In a way I’m in no hurry because I’ve had this problem now for nearly 20 years so if I have to wait till next Monday to start another phase of the treatment I’m not complaining. However one thing I have discovered, ice cream is out. I love ice cream so much but it makes an evil fermentation inside me which produces the  bloating. If I keep to meat and to produce plus a salad to start with and fresh fruit I’m all right.

We had a very good weekly ZOOM meeting on 5G and Covid this afternoon. We had about 14 people, the largest attendance ever, and that is after only eight weeks; the standard of discussion was very high. I allow people to watch the video for one week and then it is replaced by the next video. I would like to keep them all but who would listen to them? They also take up a lot of space, the best part of gigabyte and storage costs money.

I love welcoming people into a group and the team spirit is increasing as people get to know each other more. I warned them it would take time but it would be worth it.

It is clear from the recent lockdown in Leicester that this was just a test to see if people would put up with being unlocked and then locked. There is no doubt in my mind that this will go on, save a massive push back, until a vaccine can be produced which of course has nothing to do with Covid 19 but everything to do with eugenics and the alteration of DNA.  It breaks my heart to think of all the concert halls and theaters which are doing no business and starving us of our culture. Not to mention the football clubs, Wimbledon tennis, all the wonderful things that we do each summer all stolen from us by lies.  As I’ve said before, the 2 m rule was invented out of thin air and has no basis in science whatsoever.

On Friday, we’re taking our beloved car, our Volvo of five years, to a place in South Somerset to sell for scrap. If it was Cuba, it would be running for the next 10 years but I felt it was better to buy a new one – or newer one should I say – because the cost of spare parts and servicing were mounting and it would not have passed the next MOT. We had to clear all the junk out of it and there was a lot of items including things I have been looking for for some time and thought had been lost.