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There are few things more pleasant then a walk on a sunny summer evening. We are lucky that 300 m away there is an entrance to the hillside which overlooks Midsomer Norton which is where we live. The word Midsomer means the middle of the river Somer, which can hardly be called a river because it is so small I would rather say it is a stream.

Off we went just before 8 PM this evening and here is a record of our little hour journey

Is this naff or what. They are all battery-powered toys or sunlight powered toys that moved back and forth, danced, or tipped from side to side. I would find this very distracting in my car

The rather idyllic and dreamlike entrance to the fields

Midsomer Norton in all its glory

A curious cow wondering who these two strange people are. Do they have food?

Is this barley?

The junction between an old lane probably used in the 19th century and the river Somer

A lovely country garden on Withies Road

Apples coming into their fullness.

We had a couple of nice chats along the way, one with a couple sitting on the hill enjoying the sunshine. I was very pleased that they didn’t jump away from me like other people. The man had obviously figured things out and didn’t believe the nonsense about Covid and felt it was all designed to scare us. It is so nice to meet people who actually think and are not scared. His girlfriend was joining enthusiastically in with him so they were at one.

Back in our road we spoke with a couple about the perils of cutting a hedge that had not been attended to for some time. We had a good old moan about the fact that the recycle had not opened.

I had a chat with my friend John, a Christian and evangelical, who told me that a friend of his had a son who had tried to commit suicide by jumping off a car park. He failed but severely injured himself. I wrote from my perspective saying that it was obviously not his time to go and commenting that when have a near death experience our entire life flashes in front of us  and he probably had great regrets in doing an action which would have had a devastating effect on his friends family and contacts.

It is so easy to get like this when you don’t feel supported. A person can be jolly and bright on the outside and yet desperately lonely within.




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