No mask, no haircut – where are we going?

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This correspondence took place between two members of my ZOOM group

I remember in the Zoom you mentioned you were going for a haircut and I just returned from one today – or nearly !

The lady who cuts my hair is extremely nice and I have known her for more than 20 years and she runs her shop with a colleague of similar age.

I arrived at the appointed hour and they asked me to wear a mask.

I refused and said that it is pure propaganda and it is not even good for you (and they used these silly paper style things). They said they could not let me in if I did not wear a mask so I said in that case I will never set foot in their shop again !

They are nice people and but I refused  to join in the charade.

I think it is important to make people think when a situation arises in my view at least ( whatever the instructions the state has issued to them)  – otherwise one is not being true to one`s own lights – and that of course is a lack of integrity for mind.

If they want to follow propaganda that is their freedom – but they cannot impose it on me I am afraid.

I said I am quite happy then to continue to cut my own hair thank you very much.

They looked very shocked and disappointed, especially when I said I mean what I have just said about not setting in their shop ever again – but if it has made them think that is all that matters. We are not do gooders;  we are reflecting an aspect of truth as far as we are able to perceive it – truth even if people cannot see it at a given time, always moves with compassion. Do gooding and the there, their approach is very often an escape from the facts, of course.

In relation to your point – I think it was yours – about the NWO running the place – at the moment and for thousands of years there has been a savage control on human consciousness.

But I do have a feeling very soon people will be woken up with a shock when they find out how this society has actually been run. Then they can see and in their own free will which way they want to move in life.

And the sooner it comes the better ! And that waking up might be traumatic for some – not in terms of violence naturally,  of course, but in terms of cognizance of fact – but as I said we are not ‘do gooders’, we are just concerned with truth.

The truth is that which ultimately sets mind free.

And truth is never visits a mediocre mind does it

Best wishes as always


to which a reply came from a colleague of a contact

I’m so grateful and proud of you (if you don’t mind me saying so) that you proved and showed practically your principles. For without walking the talk we are as shallow shells breaking in a testing wind that shows what we truly are made of.

Fortunately my hairdresser today didn’t insist on me or any of her clients to wear a mask and also I got her to agree to guarantee she would not share my details (she already has on her database) with anyone else including government or any agency of the government.

British people traditionally laugh in the face of adversity don’t we, however we should also take things seriously enough to realise when agencies of disempowerment conspire to rob us of our power and even life.

We are proud exemplars of a properly functioning human being with faculties in-tact employing our wisdom with sensitivity also with tact.

I love the challenge if not the challengers. Personally I thrive in challenging times. We certainly live in challenging and interesting times.

Thanks for sharing that interesting and challenging experience
and the follow up from the original writer:

Many thanks for your email

I think your hair cutter is more with it than my one

– I just really saw the power of mind control operating and did not want to touch that poison.

It is degrading isn’t it.

And they are happy and willing to live with degraded mind

I find it utterly distasteful. It is a sickness of mind no more no less.

Best wishes as always

To which the reply came

Yes, people are lulled, duped and succored into things they know, not what they do, leaving their discrimination and critical faculties at the door.

They give away their power, allowing others they assume have power over them to do their brain laundry for them. It is a mark of how both education and society has failed people. But moreover, how people have failed themselves.

We are seeing the.culmination of the great re-engineering of society. The proving ground of social conditioning. Ground zero.

Now is the time for the way showers to be resolute and be the guides for those who lost their way.

We can show that there is another way, through disengagement and reinstatement of our discernment. Engage brain Mr Sulu! .. something to be said for Star Trek! 😉

Let us grow our hair as antenna and save a tenner! : )

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