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I feel much better this morning about my two wounded cars.   I will drive the old one carefully and locally until we take it to the garage next Thursday to see if it is worth repairing to necessary standard for an MOT. As for the new car, I’m determined not to let it die so I have found someone who will attend to the job in mid August which I know is a long way away but no one is putting pressure upon us so if it is a simple gasket repair (are they ever?) without any other damage I should get away with it because the rest of the car is very good. I could say “there is a lot of car”. Anyway, I don’t want to waste £2000 which is what I spent so far on it.

My sister from London called me up and told me about an evangelical speaker called Andy Croft. He is a remarkably transparent person with his boundaries just right. He will talk about personal things but not spill his guts and is a wonderful testimony for God. If you feel like sampling what he’s talking about, in this case “the battle for the mind” the link is here.

I’m going to be conducting or hosting a ZOOM group for Christian men in Frome. Being a host is very demanding because you got to make sure that people don’t read it on too much and you also have to make sure that everyone gets a say. I have 12 people in my current group and that’s about as much as I can manage without having people being relegated to observers because they don’t jump in quickly enough.

Saturday is a grand day because at the allotments we are going to have what I call a “Grand Bonfire”.  Due to the fact that the recycle is still closed, I know that a number of people have not been able to deposit items there and this includes wood and other burnables so were going to have a splendid bonfire about 4 PM on Saturday. I am somewhat of a pyromaniac anyway so it will be my pleasure to do this and I’m sure people will not miss out on the opportunity to bring some material for disposal.

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