A grand bonfire

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We have air, earth, fire and water as the four elements. I appreciate them all. Enjoy with me the process of making a fire from start to end ( the video only lasts about 6 minutes)

We had a couple of helpers coming along and we got rid of a whole load of material in a very short time.  Very satisfying and it was a lovely day.

I got an invitation from my church today. Normally we have coffee mornings between 10 and 12, on a Tuesday, and someone makes cakes and serves coffee or tea. It is all very jolly.

now we have a new set of instructions which we all need to follow

# seats will be placed outside the church in small groups of up to 6 people at 2 m distance.

# On arrival you will be offered a seat. Do not swap seats or move your seat at any time during the morning (if you wish to meet a specific friend we suggest you arrange to arrive at similar times that you can be offered seats in the same group)

# you’re invited to bring your own drink and snack. Please do not share.

# Should you wish to use the church facilities, they will be open. A one-way system will be operational
please enter, the main door
Use hand sanitiser
take the door immediately on the right. Proceed to the toilet.
When leaving use hand sanitiser again
Go through the door into the kitchen area and then into the church
Leave the church by the back door
Leave all doors open where possible

sanitisers will  be provided

…..and it continues in this vein

I replied

I shall not be attending thank you.
The virus peaked in March and is now no longer an issue. The whole thing is a con trick.
The Church have cravenly given up their rights – it is so embarrassing.
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