A nasty encounter on a bus

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I had a great day with regard to the new website on masks. I reached out because I needed some help and found someone who is not too far away to give me support. Strangely, the event I am about to tell you happened to him before I offered him the job.

I quote his Skype message to me.

“We were getting the 10.56 bus. It was just before the bus arrived that I made a fatal error of politely disagree with another person. Just as I was getting into an argument about facemasks, you were commissioning me to do a facemask site. This guy immediately accuse me of fantasies simply because I said that Covid isn’t a major threat. It’s a long story but it ended with him insulting us as we got off the bus. He said, “you two should hold hands, you might form of brain cell together. You’re both figure as ships” I wouldn’t have minded, but my Nan, was travelling with hadn’t said anything. He then ordered the bus driver to never let us on-again, and to call the police should we not comply. As the bus pulled away, he did the “toffs” hand gesture. This is some lower-middle-class guy, well spoken, Guardian reader and well spoken. The driver was his side.

We are going to get more outbursts particularly as next Friday approaches. We are supposed to be wearing face masks, which I will not.

Anyway, the upshot of it is that a new website dedicated to masks has been created and I just have to populate it. I have decided to take some local action and make some leaflets and hand them around.

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