Preparing for the vaccination battle

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A spider that did not know what to do. The spider is hanging down from a thread in the middle of  our kitchen above a table and it is not sure what to do, whether to carry on, or retreat up from whence it came

Most people do not realise that it is only a matter of time before we are all compulsorily vaccinated. The vaccine will be nothing to do with Covid but everything to do with trace and track, anti-fertility, and the possible introduction of organic circuitry with circuits that cannot be removed.  The power of Bill Gates is so great that he will simply tell Boris Johnson our Prime Minister that there must be no exceptions to vaccination.

I spoke to a friend of mine who had gone to Wales last week during the fine weather hoping for some relief. He told me that he had to queue up for 20 min to get a drink from a pub, everyone had to stand in lines, and that the old-fashioned amusement arcade in Prestatyn was closed.

I wonder what it will take to wake people up. My own intuitive impressions are that October and November will be very tumultuous as they try to bring in this long planned second wave to frighten us all even more.

I go anywhere now and I see people wearing face masks even in places that do not sell food. I just ignore everyone else and walk in and if challenged I tell them I have got exemption. I noticed the staff are rather sheepish and they certainly do not have a row with me. I find face masks very depersonalising making people look like ghosts.

I’m starting to plan now for Françoise’s birthday which is next Friday. We are having four friends coming along to celebrate together at a special meal. There are not many locals I can think of that I would like to invite because quite frankly they’re not on the same wavelength and birthdays are pretty special so we only want the best people. Françoise is going to show some of her slides from Ecuador and Zambia where she worked and we are going to the allotment to have a celebration of nature.

It is finally dawning on me that I have a new car. This morning I applied for tax on the first day of the month, first of August, because I don’t want to pay months tax for one day of driving. The cost of my tax with this rather big car is about £1 a day. I calculated that the cost of gasoline is £.15 per mile.  I have the great relief that I know it is unlikely to break down because it has been so carefully looked after and serviced since it was brought in 2003. I was told by the car salesman that in Japan, used cars are confiscated after 10 years irrespective of wear and tear. That is China for you.

Another lovely afternoon and the skies were beautiful today, here is a photograph.

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