what a relief to be back in the Old Down Inn

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Maxine, the owner of the pub, had made great efforts to ensure that the new regulations did not have an oppressive effect on the atmosphere. She arranged for us to go into one door, and exit out of the front door. Apart from the fact that tables were not so closely aligned together it was pretty much as normal. People did not appear to be taking much notice of this social distancing nonsense.

In the bar area we met two very interesting groups of people, one of whom sold and supplied high quality mobile homes to the rich and famous (starting price is £600,000) and they drove all over the country delivering and to major sporting and cultural events.

We also met someone who has taken on the trade of bell making after the famous Bell making emporium in London, Whitechapel Bell Foundry, closed its doors in 2018. We received an an invitation to go and see him. By coincidence, many years ago, Françoise completed a photo assignment at the foundry so she will go around and show him some of her images.  We met these two people by chance and this reminds me of what the whole country is missing out or  missed out on when the pubs were closed.

the parrot in residence was it anything louder with its squawk of hello. Maybe it missed the company over these months

a lovely attempt to make the place welcoming

an old print on one of the walls of the pub

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