The day of the Trafalgar Square rally

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We arrived yesterday Friday and had lunch with two very good friends in Waterloo followed by a traipse around London. The single most shocking thing was seeing everyone with masks, meekly submitting to a system about which they had no clue.

In the evening we went for a walk to the top of Primrose Hill and witnessed groups of lively students enjoying the setting sun.

We walked in Camden which is one of the more well heeled areas of London and enjoyed the high quality of street decoration of which this is an example

Saturday Morning

alas, a common sight in London after six months of turmoil

This morning, we are going to attend the rally in Trafalgar Square which is timed to commence at mid day.  We enjoyed going down by the bus and saw all sorts of excellent artworks on the way.

Indeed, the show must go on. Tell that to Boris.

We arrived at Trafalgar Square at about 11:30 and noticed there was some disarray with the sound system. The sound system seems to be fated because they are not powerful enough to reach everybody in the square and we could hardly hear what was being said.

There is no question that by going along you become part of an instant family and can talk to anyone and everyone which we did. The breadth of knowledge of people there is quite extraordinary. It is difficult to tell many people were there but I would guess about 10,000.  The speeches begun but I couldn’t get near enough to hear what was being said so I busied myself going around talking to people and looking at the placards.

There are too many images to place on this web site so I have put them on my sister site. See  some of the better ones.

Basically, the whole event went quite well until three o’clock and then the police started to close in and forcibly disperse the crowd because they decided they were offending the social distancing rule. They were doing this anyway but they waited till the end.

At about three o’clock we went along to the Mall Gallery and enjoy a wonderful selection of very high quality work, samples of which I give below.

Back to the lovely hotel what turned out to be very good nights sleep. It is worth bearing in mind that especially at this time if you don’t like your mum for any reason for example if you think it is noisy or badly positioned you can ask for another one.  Our first one overlooked the petrol station and I asked that it be changed for one overlooking the car park at the back. This is the Premier Ian, Hampstead.



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