A quiet time in the incessant rain

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Back home and into the ordinary routine, going to buy milk and other necessaries, sitting in front of computers hopefully getting wise with what we read. Françoise is having trouble with her teeth or rather a break in one of her teeth. She is due to see the dentist on Wednesday so we decided to cancel the visit by two friends from Thursday to Monday next week and the week afterwards. She is worried about the effect on her of the operation and I totally understand.

Today, I must write to all the allotment to ask them for rent for the forthcoming year. Yesterday I had a committee meeting with our local Council and agreed the way forward. We did it by ZOOM which I’m getting quite used to now, perhaps too used to it.

I went along to the printing place to collect some work. I do notice in people a sense of humour and this makes communication much easier. The lady on reception to the place I went to was without any scintilla of humour and I found it very difficult to talk to her. She had no feeling about a nuance of a statement. It was very much like talking to a robot. I think a sense of humour is essential to getting on with life and if you don’t, you made life very difficult for yourself.

It looks like there’s going to be very little gardening if any this year. I have a couple of regular jobs but that won’t do much. I decided to cut back a little bit and cancel my subscription to This Week. Most of it is a summary of what has gone on the past week and apart from the odd amusing article I think I can live without it. I should spend more time reading real books.

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