Sodden ground; unpleasantness in my Working Mens Club

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Today, continuous rain, sodden ground and roads awash with deep puddles that slow the cars down and cause the steering to drift if you’re not careful. First of all, we went to have a look at the state of our favourite ford, in Wellow near Bath and found it in a fairly torrential state but nothing like what it is capable of with really bad weather.


Afterwards, we went for a walk in and Ammerdown Forest or should I say wood. We noticed copious amounts of gum coming from the pine trees and wondered what purpose that served at this time of year. I’m sure it’s full of good things and has many uses but a quick Internet search didn’t find much.

sodden foliage

On the way back home, we popped into one of my favourite haunts, Radstock Working Mens Club. I’m so used to going there that I forgot the added restrictions. Now, we cannot go to the bar and order. We have to sit down, someone has to write down our contact details and we order a drink while being seated. This must add to staff costs enormously.

When we entered the bar one of the regulars reminded us through sign language that we had to put a mask on. I simply said that we were exempt. We sat down but a woman not too far away complained about our ‘inconsiderate behaviour’. She was not the brightest button in the basket so I just told her she didn’t know anything and it was the law that if we were exempt we didn’t have to wear a mask. Her reply was “bollocks”.

We looked around and saw no that no one seated was wearing a mask. They think that  to move around the bar you need a mask on for example when you go to the toilet. Then go back to your seat and take it off again. This virus is indeed exists is quite intelligent, it can only detect moving objects. If you sit still drinking and talking to your friends it will not detect you but as soon as you move it will try and jump on you and cause havoc. For such a tiny object 1 µ in diameter it has amazing intelligence. Also, if we think about the 2 m rule it knows that if there is wind it has to brace itself and not move with the wind and contaminate the next person. It also knows it must not circulate in air-conditioning. This must be the most intelligent virus ever created.

It did maybe a bit sad though because the place I know and still love is very informal and you just roll in and chat. Let us hope this madness stops. I was very encouraged to receive a video statement from an international lawyer based in Germany showing that a mass legal suit is on the cards against the government for relying on misleading testing. I have circulated this to all the people I know and we can all cheer up a bit.

Later… The rain has stopped for the moment but it is now dark and for the first time I’m tempted to have a real fire in the living room.

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