A day of many aspects. Meeting the Daniel brothers.

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A busy day. We went to my interesting lady gardening client, picked up the rubbish from last Friday’s job and took it to the recycle. For the first time in many visits, the chap checking us in did not have a record of my car but let me in any way. A number of us had to deposit material in the garden rubbish skip. I noticed something I had never noticed before, that people meekly stood in line, heads bowed. Gone was the Spontaneity for the most part. It is part of the obedience training that people have been suffering from all the past six months.

A pleasant day if a little cool so we spent time in the garden and I prepared for my ZOOM meeting with the allotmenteers. I met two new tenants today and sign them up. Both were extremely grateful to have plots since they had only applied a few weeks ago and thought they’d have to wait forever to be accommodated of the people before them had not shown enough signs of enthusiasm so they lost their place in the queue.

I met two other people who were going to have joint tenancy at about 5:30 PM. They were two very muscular and handsome people who could have been mistaken for brothers at any time. Both of whom are called Daniel. We had a laugh about that. I took them to meet my wife who was working on her allotment.

The ZOOM meeting started at 7 PM and went on for about 20 minutes. I explain the basics of the system to the attendees. We had eight people in total. I hope we get more for the real thing; today’s was just a dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s AGM.

Supper, and watching films on youtube. We like mostly travel films and one of them was on the orient express from Venice to London and the other one was to train journeys in Japan and a 12 hour boat trip.

My stomach is performing well today. I discovered that if I have a glass of wine and no more per day I do not suffer any symptoms.

My Covid site has had an influx of technical entries “Monderna’s Covid – 19 vaccine provokes Covid like symptoms in phase 3 trial”, “new NIH research aims to identify promising Covid – 19 treatments for larger clinical trials” and “Johns Hopkins researchers identified immune system pathway that may stop Covid 19 infection” . Hardly riveting stuff I know but I have a strong urge to write everything down relating to the subject and already I have accumulated a considerable volume of references so it is ideal for researchers and those really wanting to take this matter seriously.

I have for example 75 examples of Covid test and testing, 144 articles on health, 110 articles on lockdown and 185 articles on masks.

I do not get many readers each day may be 100 if I’m lucky that I don’t think that’s the point. I find it very valuable for myself because if you know what is actually going on,  you inoculate yourself against fear. I’m in a very positive phase at the moment. I am more determined and clearer than ever before.

The gardening work seems to have dried up for this year, the weather is going to turn colder so they won’t be much growth so our income is slightly affected but we have nothing to complain about.



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