Wetherspoon’s revisited

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This morning it was raining so I decided to cheer myself up by going along to Wetherspoon’s to see how they were weathering (no pun intended) the unceasing change in these ridiculous times. I entered. There was no one at the desk but I filled in my contact details anyway and took a menu as invited (the coronavirus loves hanging around on  menus).

a somewhat modest breakfast with one sausage instead of two. I asked for the hash browns to be left out.

Most of the stalls were occupied so I sat down on one of the bar seats and after a few minutes was able to give my order. I did not wear a mask. As I wanted to pay by card I was asked to accompany the waiter to the till in order to pay. She almost mumbled ‘and wear your mask’ so when I said I don’t wear one she said “that’s all right then”. I returned to my seat and the meal came after about 5 min. It was okay to go to the coffee machine in spite of the fact that we are told that the virus is very alert when you are walking around but as soon as you arrive back at your table you become invisible so you can take your mask off. Anyone who believes this rubbish needs to consider their position.

I had still got my filled-in form but no one asked for it. When I left, the person at the door said nothing. I think people are realising the stupidity of this and are just going through the motions of enforcing these regulations which at the end of the day have no scientific value, just been made up to prolong our fear until we can be given the golden cup of the vaccine.

Yesterday I read that the owner of a gymnasium in Liverpool refused to close and was fined £1000. The public rallied around and contributed £52,000. Liverpool council suddenly and inexplicably reversed their decision so now all gyms are open. This is a very good” need to do to end this lunacy. I wonder how long the Wales situation will go on. People are being asked to only undertake essential journeys and police are interviewing them and send them back if they are not considered essential. Just imagine groups of viruses just waiting for someone to come along only to be foiled by the police. Again… Your brains. There is a phrase “frightened stupid” and I think this is a condition people are in at the moment.


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