Do I pay or do I not?


I recently asked a member of my ZOOM group if they knew someone who could help me with social media publicity for my sites. I duly made contact with them and we engaged in a correspondence about who would do what and when. however, I finally decided not to do business with this person because that was just no chemistry between us. She had made certain recommendations about how we could move forward and I offered to make a contribution for what she had done and how we could move forward. Unfortunately the water was muddy and we did not discuss money.

It was perhaps a mistake to promise that because in any event I didn’t use any of her recommendations so strictly speaking I don’t owe her anything because when you pitch for a job you make a few suggestions to help the client or possible client. However in spite of that my feeling is that I should give a contribution by way of goodwill but I’m just thinking about the implications of this.

Thanks to the new and even more stupid lockdown rules, pubs will be absolutely thrashed at this the most important time of year for them .Its a tragedy as this will be the final straw for many and they will be forced to close.

A part of me does not mind being on my own but as they say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and we have to discipline ourselves to go out regularly even for simple occasions like the allotment. I would not like to be living on my own.

On the good side, we had an unexpected Christmas gift of Polish food products.  I often feel we should do more to look out for cooking styles apart from our own home grown British variety.



People falling off the wagon – what can you do?


But first, for your amusement, a cartoon….

Today I took a delivery of wood chips for the allotment and I noticed that the person who sold it to me was not his  usual cheerful self. He was wearing a mask. The problem to me was that he had a different look in his eyes, almost fearful. He spoke about the mask and said that he tried to wear it on all occasions. I began to get some idea of the price he was paying for this Covid debacle.

There comes a point when someone has been taken over by fear and at that point there is very little you can do because they will not listen to you on a rational level. And yes I do like the person concerned and I was thinking how to raise the subject without making him angry or even more frightened.

I thought that if I said that the average age of someone dying of covid was 80, and that the number of so called infections in this part of the world, Somerset, with virtually zero. Would that help. Anyway, I didn’t really have time to develop the subject because he was with someone else and they were at the end of a working day so I must pick my time.

Good news later — The person concerned wrote back to me saying “just out of curiosity, where did you get your information from ?” I was then able to take advantage of the chink in the door and write back to him recommending a video which I said would put his mind to rest.

I spoke to another friend today who had withdrawn from the day to day news on president trump and the usual stories of the day. He found himself taking refuge in nature and just generally switching off. He said that the war between us and the powerful people in the background would lead nowhere so could we perhaps consider a conciliatory stance. We are understanding where they are coming from but maybe there’s another way of solving the problem.

The effect of this continual gas-lighting is having a terrible effect on the population in their freedom of mind. I was delivering green rubbish to the recycle and this fellow re-cycler danced around me keeping 6 feet away and took no notice of my jokes on the subject.

I can’t say anything remarkable has happened in the last days since I wrote my diary. We had a very happy COVID  zoom meeting last night with about a dozen of us. Many of us are feeling the strain of world events and so we ended the zoom session by Francoise playing a Tibetan bowl.

Every day without a problem is a bonus so far as I’m concerned but we all have our burden to share and my solution is to strike a balance between sitting in front of the computer and watching entertaining TV, and I don’t mean terrestrial television, I mean television programmes that illustrate life as it is lived in various parts of the world prior to this so called pandemic.



The Kingdom of Fire



There is something about fire, any fire except when life is in danger, that intrigues and fascinates me.  Yesterday was the great fire of our allotments.  I am  having trouble finding software that will allow me to stitch the videos together to make a coherent picture so until that time, you will have to make do with looking at stills.

As I may have said before, the main thing is to get a good heat and then put on green material no matter how damp on top. We have had a lot of rain recently so a lot of smouldering was needed. However, the fire burnt so well that when I went along today, Sunday, I found that the bulk had been reduced by about 50% . I paid attention to the remainder by using my air blower and I hope that when I go along tomorrow, Monday, it will have burned down to almost nothing…. but then these things go at their own pace.

We had a good sprinkling of helpers, thanks very much everyone, and we could have done with some mulled wine and BBQ sausages but with the current covid paranoia the mood was not quite conducive.

I am electing to rest, today Sunday so this diary is not as complete as I would like. It is after all the seventh day. Tomorrow, Boris will be coming out with yet another restrictive announcement about a virus that does not exist being measured by a test that does not work.


Gaining friends, losing friends


Being involved in anything controversial will mean an inner paradigm shift. This means that those who have been comfortable listening to you and being with you previously will now change their view.

Says a correspondent: I’ve lost many friends over the past months. And I’ve gained many friends – among them our zoom group. I love you all!!! A Sufi saying: The heart weeps for what it has lost, and the Spirit laughs for what it has gained.

This is a period of forced spiritual development. I read an article yesterday saying that the majority of people over 50 who have a problem with depression do not go to the doctor. They think they should work it out themselves. The problem here is that inner damage is just as important as the so called physical damage. The best tactic is to prevent damage occurring on the mental level and in my view this can best happen through a supportive community. These lockdowns are a challenge to us all, whether we are directly involved or not. We are all members one of another

This morning I went to scrounge the local scrap yard for  pallets to use in the construction of my allotment bonfire, due to happen 2 PM tomorrow. It will do so in spite of the rather inclement weather. Wood fire burns at around 500 degrees centigrade and this is irrespective of the outside temperature. So, if you went to the Arctic where it’s -20 degrees the fire would still burn at 500 degrees centigrade ; it’s just that the heat would dissipate quicker. We have a huge pile of greenery to get rid of but that’s irrelevant because of the difference between 100 degrees centigrade and 500 degrees centigrade means it’s a no brainer.  It’s all in the preparation.  The key thing is not to throw great clomps of rubbish on but wean it first to make sure that oxygen can get in.

Wood + oxygen >  combustion > heat > ability to burn damp material

Look out for Saturday’s diary for full details.

Yesterday, we had the men’s group of Frome at which we discussed various Christian topics including one of the members who gave us an account of the history of his life commenting on how he believed he was guided to come down and live in this area by a series of coincidences. The meeting lasted one hour 30 minutes. When you are enjoying yourself, time flies and I’m sure we could have gone on for the whole evening.

The original coordinator noted the gelling of community spirit within the group; he compared the existing spirit with that of three sessions ago and there’s no question that we have moved forward. I always say that it takes not only a minimum number of people but a minimum level of trust even though we know people it does take something to open ourselves up, especially feelings, to a group of others.


New Toy of the Month – a remote temperature gun


Another busy day. Off to get some pallets for the grand bonfire that I’m going to have on Saturday at our allotment and I’m looking forward to it very much. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain. This is a twice a year fire getting rid of all the wood and unwanted greenery.

I treated myself to a non-contact Digital Laser Infrared thermometer. I am going to use it for measuring the temperature of the bonfire. A temperature of 500 degrees C from the wood will incinerate the greenery which is mostly water. The gun measures all sorts of things e.g. the deep freeze, the temperature of soup, anything you like. It is instant and accurate. Well, you would expect that with a laser.

The unwrapping of the chicanery and trickery of the US election is proceeding at a  greater and greater pace as more revelations come out. Joe Biden still thinks he is going to win but I think Trump will be shown to have won. I’ll give it about a week for the whole thing to roll through. I hope so for if Joe Biden wins he will lock down everyone in the USA and bring on the New World Order via the Grand Reset in the twinkling of an eye.

The visitor stats from my COVID site are very low – about 100 page hits a day –  and I have finally found someone who may be able to help. 100 per day (apparently) is not nearly enough to do justice to the site of the quality that I have created. We have about 3,500 entries in an historical record so that will be of use to someone.

Too much, too much to do


Today, I been aware of all the things that I would love to do in just don’t have time for stop this afternoon, a book arrived called power versus force which is to do with energy. It is so fascinating I’m through the first 3 chapters and cannot wait to read more.

In the earlier morning I read a deep and timely SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell) talking about the world seen from the view of discarnate spirits.

Francoise heard of a free course in 16 parts on cymatics, the science of sound, she has given me 2 lectures to listen to which are absolutely riveting saying for example this sound is not a wave it is a sphere. Sound can affect red blood cells. Wow.

Each day I spend 3 or 4 hours adding to my two websites, one on 5 G and one on COVID.  The articles are so fascinating I would love to read them but all I can do is to see whether they are suitable for publication.  I learn so much on a daily basis. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

I am preparing to make a video publicizing my COVID website to try and wake people up and I’m assembling data. This takes quite a lot of aggression bringing things together and deciding how I’m going to present it.

I must finally summarize the text for my personal psychic website.  There isn’t time for this today so I must do it tomorrow.

I got very caught up on a video by Mark Passio who’s got a great talent for explaining things clearly – how the world is being taken over by the corporates who think they have a right to be lord and master over everyone. It is most important that we resist this.

My tasks today consisted of writing letters to a couple of allotment holders who had not maintained their plots, telephoning someone who was going to give me a job, going off shopping in the wind and the rain which I didn’t mind because it’s not cold.

I’m going to have to speak to my men’s group on Thursday about covid. They are in a very nice bubble if that’s not a contradiction in terms but in the last seven  meetings no one has even mentioned the dread that is hanging over us. I think it’s because they don’t want to face it but if I’m going to be part of a group, particularly a Christian group, the implications of this must be discussed. I can’t just keep my mouth closed forever. Surely someone must have some views. We have a doctor in the group. He may not be able to say what the thinks for fear of being fired







Imperial College writing to me?


It has been some time since I wrote my last diary. A lot has been going on. However, If I were to write everything that went on in my head I would quickly reach 1,000,000 words and probably bore everybody to death. Sometimes, I have a thought which is out of context but which needs to grow privately on its own before it can see the light of day. A lot will be rejected along the way for being inconsistent but that’s no ultimate reason for rejecting it, but rather saying that it is part of a greater whole that I cannot envision to appreciate.

I do have enormous admiration for Samuel Pepys who wrote about one and a half million words over a period of 10 years.  He only stopped then because he was afraid about the effects of writing on his eyesight . If you consider that he was very busy with government business and had to write in the evening by candlelight with a quill pen and not with assisted technology like I do, this is an achievement indeed.

I hate mundane things but they have to be done.  I have been chasing up people who have not paid their rent on the allotment. I am re-writing my personal website from the point of view of those who might benefit from my services. This is always difficult because it requires a degree of objectivity that I cannot always muster.

I am aiming to go and see my friend in Plymouth after the latest lockdown finishes early in December. I look forward to handing out some campaign leaflets with him and getting to know his wife from Swaziland.  It seems that she has a great level of knowledge and wisdom in what appears to be a matriarchal society.

I’m really challenged with priorities at the moment. I could spend all my time reading the articles I post on to my website; there is a great danger of overloading.  I love working, perhaps too much, and do not always know when to take time off.

So, Imperial College, the source of more fake data than any other establishment, had the cheek to write to me to ask if I will take part in a COVID test just see whether I have it. This study will cost millions and since it is funded by Bill Gates they will get the answer they want in order to justify forcibly vaccinating the whole population.  Is there any limit to how stupid they think we are? I searched in vain for an email or a telephone number and I would have given them a piece of my mind but surprise surprise they was no inquiry number .

Remaining sane is for me the number one challenge these days.  I do it in a number of ways;  one of  the more pleasurable ones is  to run my weekly ZOOM group which we do every Wednesday which is for people who are ‘on the wavelength’ and understand what’s going on and need to support each other against the madness that is assailing us.

The evenings are drawing in, they tend to be long and I imagine if you’re on your own it could be very quiet. To combat this we must find useful things to do, for example to listen to music and read, not to lose touch with other people otherwise we will be in a worse position mentally. Already the national suicide telephone calls are well up.  For some reason the government (UK) have stopped publishing them.

Looking about us anxiously – how to save £7,068


As many of you know I like to start my day with Trans World Radio. I listen and wait for a phrase or text to jump out at me. The above phrase did. I spend more time than I should do doing just this, to zero benefit as things always turn out as they should do. Instead of ‘looking about’ I should substitute ‘prayer’.

The past couple of days have been worrying. Many said that Trump was going to romp home but now due to corruption on a huge scale, I refer to vote rigging in six marginal states, Biden is ahead and is already making smug remarks.  However, Trump is a fighter and I would expect him to issue legal challenges.

We cannot fly at the moment, nor would I wish to.   We binge indulge on vloggers and influencers who fly first class round the world and record in great detail the food and comforts. So, since for example the return trip London to Singapore is £7.068 we decided to enjoy the full documentary and get ourselves the equivalent of a first class meal (not the wines and champagnes though) and consume it whilst watching. No getting toe airport, no check-in trauma, no turbulence no jet lag, just imagination.

It was the perfect day for going out. Cold but not windy. A clear sky. We went to the monthly market trying not to look at the poor fearful souls wearing their masks. We bought yogurt, home made butter, fresh sardines, strawberry and chilli jam (yes really) and some soap made from goats milk.

We then went to our allotment and worked away for an hour or so. We had a pleasant chat with one or two. Allotments bring out the best in people. We are preparing for a large bonfire scheduled for two weeks today. We were going to have a BBQ and mulled wine but social things are difficult at the moment due to lockdown.

I had a chat with a good friend about Trump. It is a case of wheels within wheels. Where is Christianity when you need it. The Pope calls the corona virus ‘Princess Corona’ so his eugenics views are clear for all to see. Very few people understand about the Great Reset and think that the government are just being over-cautious about the so called pandemic. Funny they cant even identify the virus but are talking about a vaccine for it (at $800 a pop that is trillions for someone).

Spoke to my son and his wife via Skype. It has been raining every day for the past month where they are (Thailand). They are talking about moving to Dubai to teach there. Who knows how conditions will change. They are in Krabi. Lovely resort. Pity about the weather at this time of year.


The last day of freedom – a trip to Bath


Time to get of the house on this the last day before lockdown 2, a totally useless and corrupt plan to enslave us all and destroy small businesses. The USA election is the usual mess which hopefully will be sorted out by Friday.

To Bath. A walk along an area by the Town Hall Admin offices. Lovely to see such a show of flowers.

The river Avon, that bisects Bath. In full flood due to earlier rains.

A lovely autumn bouquet

I wonder a)  is the Queen alive b) has she been detained  c) is her husband still alive.

A display cabinet of spoons in a nearby museum

Sitting in his dream world (central Bath)

A fascinating wall design

A ‘real’ fruit stall near Greenmarket, Bath. Alas we do not get such a choice here in Midsomer Norton. Not enough interest to justify bringing in exotic fruits and vegetables.

Not one of my best days


I have just tried unsuccessfully to search for my tablet. I have a horrible feeling that I interleaved it between some newspapers and took the pile of newspapers outside to be collected and it went with them.

The day did not start too well. Our gardening client in her drunken stupor sent me a text telling me she wanted a refund for work that we have done to her satisfaction. I don’t think anything will come of it but it is a bit like a slap in the face. I sometimes think that alcoholics are taken over by something that they cannot control it is not then speaking but the alcohol.

I then rang a possible new customer that I had been to see over the weekend. It was just my sort of job, hedge cutting and trimming. It would have taken a fair amount of time for us both even more than a day by the time we had finished clearing up. I gave her a quote and said that if it was difficult we could discuss it. I figured that  as she lived in a council house she probably didn’t have much money so I was extra reconciliatory. She told me that she has decided not to go ahead with it although it was a mess and simply put the phone down on me. Not a word of thanks for coming round. Maybe people are simply going mad because of the circumstances

I also have a problem with the person doing my website but this has resolved itself as the day went on. I wonder what it’s like to be in charge of a large company where every other hour you have someone presenting a problem about this that or the other.

This however pales into insignificance compared with the forthcoming lockdown number two for this country of the United Kingdom where the government have relied on false and unsafe statistics to create the situation where £1.3 billion is lost per day. The national lockdown is due to go on for a month and then even then nothing is sure. What most people don’t realise is that this is deliberate, the result of a pact made by many countries to deliberately run down the economy so that the new Marxist government of the world could be installed.

Yesterday I spent all day, about 10 hours, listening to a variety of wisdom on the Alternative View 11.1  We had a variety of speakers talking about a number of dystopian subjects not the least of which is the forthcoming period of global cooling where coldness records have already been broken in vast numbers, where crops have been flooded and where starvation particularly in Africa is to be expected.

I think the only way to keep morale up is by doing something including of course writing this diary. The fact is that many businesses have closed and will not reopen. It is the same in New York.  I worry for people living on their own especially those waiting for operations. The chances are they’re going to have to wait a long time.