Month: November 2020

Do I pay or do I not?

I recently asked a member of my ZOOM group if they knew someone who could help me with social media publicity for my sites. I duly made contact with them and we engaged in a correspondence about who would do what and when. however, I finally decided not to do business with this person because that was just no chemistry between us. She had made certain recommendations about how we could move...

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People falling off the wagon – what can you do?

But first, for your amusement, a cartoon.... Today I took a delivery of wood chips for the allotment and I noticed that the person who sold it to me was not his  usual cheerful self. He was wearing a mask. The problem to me was that he had a different look in his eyes, almost fearful. He spoke about the mask and said that he tried to wear it on all occasions. I began to get some idea of the...

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The Kingdom of Fire

  There is something about fire, any fire except when life is in danger, that intrigues and fascinates me.  Yesterday was the great fire of our allotments.  I am  having trouble finding software that will allow me to stitch the videos together to make a coherent picture so until that time, you will have to make do with looking at stills. As I may have said before, the main thing is to get a good...

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Gaining friends, losing friends

Being involved in anything controversial will mean an inner paradigm shift. This means that those who have been comfortable listening to you and being with you previously will now change their view. Says a correspondent: I've lost many friends over the past months. And I've gained many friends - among them our zoom group. I love you all!!! A Sufi saying: The heart weeps for what it has lost, and...

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New Toy of the Month – a remote temperature gun

Another busy day. Off to get some pallets for the grand bonfire that I'm going to have on Saturday at our allotment and I'm looking forward to it very much. Let's hope it doesn't rain. This is a twice a year fire getting rid of all the wood and unwanted greenery. I treated myself to a non-contact Digital Laser Infrared thermometer. I am going to use it for measuring the temperature of the...

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Too much, too much to do

Today, I been aware of all the things that I would love to do in just don't have time for stop this afternoon, a book arrived called power versus force which is to do with energy. It is so fascinating I'm through the first 3 chapters and cannot wait to read more. In the earlier morning I read a deep and timely SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell) talking about the world seen from the...

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November 2020