Looking about us anxiously – how to save £7,068

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As many of you know I like to start my day with Trans World Radio. I listen and wait for a phrase or text to jump out at me. The above phrase did. I spend more time than I should do doing just this, to zero benefit as things always turn out as they should do. Instead of ‘looking about’ I should substitute ‘prayer’.

The past couple of days have been worrying. Many said that Trump was going to romp home but now due to corruption on a huge scale, I refer to vote rigging in six marginal states, Biden is ahead and is already making smug remarks.  However, Trump is a fighter and I would expect him to issue legal challenges.

We cannot fly at the moment, nor would I wish to.   We binge indulge on vloggers and influencers who fly first class round the world and record in great detail the food and comforts. So, since for example the return trip London to Singapore is £7.068 we decided to enjoy the full documentary and get ourselves the equivalent of a first class meal (not the wines and champagnes though) and consume it whilst watching. No getting toe airport, no check-in trauma, no turbulence no jet lag, just imagination.

It was the perfect day for going out. Cold but not windy. A clear sky. We went to the monthly market trying not to look at the poor fearful souls wearing their masks. We bought yogurt, home made butter, fresh sardines, strawberry and chilli jam (yes really) and some soap made from goats milk.

We then went to our allotment and worked away for an hour or so. We had a pleasant chat with one or two. Allotments bring out the best in people. We are preparing for a large bonfire scheduled for two weeks today. We were going to have a BBQ and mulled wine but social things are difficult at the moment due to lockdown.

I had a chat with a good friend about Trump. It is a case of wheels within wheels. Where is Christianity when you need it. The Pope calls the corona virus ‘Princess Corona’ so his eugenics views are clear for all to see. Very few people understand about the Great Reset and think that the government are just being over-cautious about the so called pandemic. Funny they cant even identify the virus but are talking about a vaccine for it (at $800 a pop that is trillions for someone).

Spoke to my son and his wife via Skype. It has been raining every day for the past month where they are (Thailand). They are talking about moving to Dubai to teach there. Who knows how conditions will change. They are in Krabi. Lovely resort. Pity about the weather at this time of year.


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