Imperial College writing to me?

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It has been some time since I wrote my last diary. A lot has been going on. However, If I were to write everything that went on in my head I would quickly reach 1,000,000 words and probably bore everybody to death. Sometimes, I have a thought which is out of context but which needs to grow privately on its own before it can see the light of day. A lot will be rejected along the way for being inconsistent but that’s no ultimate reason for rejecting it, but rather saying that it is part of a greater whole that I cannot envision to appreciate.

I do have enormous admiration for Samuel Pepys who wrote about one and a half million words over a period of 10 years.  He only stopped then because he was afraid about the effects of writing on his eyesight . If you consider that he was very busy with government business and had to write in the evening by candlelight with a quill pen and not with assisted technology like I do, this is an achievement indeed.

I hate mundane things but they have to be done.  I have been chasing up people who have not paid their rent on the allotment. I am re-writing my personal website from the point of view of those who might benefit from my services. This is always difficult because it requires a degree of objectivity that I cannot always muster.

I am aiming to go and see my friend in Plymouth after the latest lockdown finishes early in December. I look forward to handing out some campaign leaflets with him and getting to know his wife from Swaziland.  It seems that she has a great level of knowledge and wisdom in what appears to be a matriarchal society.

I’m really challenged with priorities at the moment. I could spend all my time reading the articles I post on to my website; there is a great danger of overloading.  I love working, perhaps too much, and do not always know when to take time off.

So, Imperial College, the source of more fake data than any other establishment, had the cheek to write to me to ask if I will take part in a COVID test just see whether I have it. This study will cost millions and since it is funded by Bill Gates they will get the answer they want in order to justify forcibly vaccinating the whole population.  Is there any limit to how stupid they think we are? I searched in vain for an email or a telephone number and I would have given them a piece of my mind but surprise surprise they was no inquiry number .

Remaining sane is for me the number one challenge these days.  I do it in a number of ways;  one of  the more pleasurable ones is  to run my weekly ZOOM group which we do every Wednesday which is for people who are ‘on the wavelength’ and understand what’s going on and need to support each other against the madness that is assailing us.

The evenings are drawing in, they tend to be long and I imagine if you’re on your own it could be very quiet. To combat this we must find useful things to do, for example to listen to music and read, not to lose touch with other people otherwise we will be in a worse position mentally. Already the national suicide telephone calls are well up.  For some reason the government (UK) have stopped publishing them.

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